Slovenia Gorenje is new champion

← Previous Story Dragan Djukic (Great Britain): “Olympic tournament – Best handball event ever” Next Story → Anton Rúnarsson is on test in MKB Veszprem For the second time in club’s history, Gorenje Velenje wins the Slovenian championship. Five matches before the end of the Championship race, Gorenje has 10 points more than second team, Celje Pivovarna Lasko. In the tonight’s battle, Gorenje celebrates clear win over Celje PL 33:25. That was the third win over neighbourgh this season.From the next season, Slovenia will have two teams in the EHF Champions League. Battle for the second place between Celje PL and Gorenje will be interesting until the last Round.RK Celje Pivovarna Laško – RK Gorenje Velenje  25:33 (15:19)RK CPL: Perič 6/3 saves, Skok 3/1 saves; Potočnik, Mlakar 1, Marguč 2/1, Žuran 1, Razgor 2, Toskič 4, Ranevski, Poklar 2, Poteko, Metličič 3, Zelenovič 2, Žabič, Mačkovšek 1, Žvižej 7/5; trener Vladan MatičRK GV: Gajič 12 saves, Taletovič; Melič 5/1, Medved 1, Bezjak 2, Pucelj, Manojlovič 3, Dolenec 7/2, Cehte 3, Miklavčič 2, Gaber 9, Golčar, Gams, Bajram, Šimič 1, Dujmovič; trener: Branko Tamše1. Gorenje Velenje 25 – 492. Celje PL 25 – 393. Cimos Koper 24 – 354. Trimo Trebnje 24 – 245. Maribor Branik 24 – 196. Krško 24 – 17photo: RK Gorenje Gorenje VelenjeHandball championSlovenia handballSlovenian handball read more


 Loading … EHF F4 IN COLOGNEhandball cologneHandball F4 WHO? The answer on simple question will wait until Sunday evenning. The fifth fantastic handball event on which level are proud the whole handball community is ahead of us – VELUX EHF F4 in Cologne. In two days, four teams will decide who is the best team in Europe this year. Four fantastic squads, legendary coaches, three handball countries.Stay with us in the upcoming days… Who will play at the VELUY EHF F4 FINAL MATCH? FC Barcelona – THW Kiel FC Barcelona – MVM MKB Veszprem THW Kiel – SG Flensburg MKB MVM Veszprem – SG FlensburgView Results  Loading … Who has the biggest chances to win the trophy? FC Barcelona THW Kiel MVM MKB Veszprem SG FlensburgView Results ← Previous Story CHAMPIONS STRIKE AGAIN: Jurkiewicz to Vive Targi Kielce! Next Story → Joan Canellas close to THW Kiel – Palmarsson between Barca and Veszprem? read more

Pick Szegeds keeper Peter Tatai to move to HCM Baia Mare

baia marekezilabdaLars WaltherPeter Tatai Pick Szeged and Peter Tatai have terminated the contract by mutual agreement, and the Hungarian keeper will be moving to neighbouring Romania, to the club coached by Lars Walther – HCM Baia Mare. He is the second ‘bigger’ addition to the club, after Baia Mare signed Croatian star Antonio Pribanic. Tatai opted to change club after he would be considered third choice behind Jose Manuel Sierra and Piotr Wyszomirski. ← Previous Story Naturhouse La Rioja sign Javi Garcia Next Story → World Deaf Handball Championship: Croatia takes gold!

IHF Germany gets Wild Card for Qatar 2015

The IHF Council had an intensive agenda during its today’s meeting in Zagreb, Croatia. Several important topics were discussed and corresponding decisions were made.Referring to the Regulations for Transfer between Federations, the IHF Council limited the number of possible loans of each player to two per season.The IHF Council also adopted amendments to the Rules of the Game for Beach Handball.Additionally, the Council of the International Handball Federation discussed the situation of handball in Oceania. There is currently no Continental Confederation in Oceania recognized by the International Handball Federation. Hence, the IHF Council decided to allocate the spot reserved for this continent to another National Federation on the principle of a wild card.The criterion taken into consideration when awarding was the ranking on the previous World Championship. The Council decided to award this place to the best-ranked team on the 2013 World Championship in Spain that has not obtained the right to participate through the continental qualifications, which is the national team of Germany. Germany ranked 5th in Spain in 2013. Furthermore, the Council discussed the proposal from the Playing Rules and Referees Commission on creating a temporary working group to study the possibility of changing the Rules of the Game to follow the recent development of the sport and to make it more attractive to the fans.source: IHFQatar 2015 ← Previous Story New Face of Handball in Plock! Next Story → Lino Cervar rejects rumours about HSV Handball! read more

VIDEO Goal or no goal

← Previous Story TOP 30 TRANSFERS SUMMER 2014: Duvnjak and Omeyer lead the “golden list” Next Story → DOMINATION: FC Barcelona win IHF Super Globe 2014! SG Flensburg have suffered surprising defeat against Al Sadd at the IHF Super Globe semi-final in Doha, Qatar. Players of Ljubomir Vranjes had a chance to score for extra-time in the last attack, but the goal of Anders Eggert was disallowed. Find out why…

Argentina going to Brazil with 7 LNH players

← Previous Story EHF CUP (Round 3): Fuchse strike Nantes – Hamburg in Sweden Next Story → TOP 5 GOALS: “Romanian princess” bomb attack on Suslina Argentina handballlaura agena Argentina’s coach Eduardo Gallardo has nominated 19 players for the ‘Four Nations’ to be disputed in Brazil between October 30th and November 1st, with the participation of the host nation, Algeria and Egypt. Leonardo Querín (Billère, FRA), with an ankle injury, will be the only absent from the squad that took gold in Canelones, Uruguay on the Pan American earlier this year.Argentina’s only doubt as of today is Montpellier’s Diego Simonet, who suffered an ankle injury last week against Toulouse. Results are being awaited to know the extent of the injury, which made him miss the Champions League clash against Veszprem and tonight’s French league match against St.Raphael. If everything turns out as good as expected from both Montpellier and the Argentine NT, then the playmaker should be present in Brazil.Goalkeepers: Matías Schulz (Nantes, FRA), Fernando García (SM Vernon, FRA)Line players: Gonzalo Carou (Istres, FRA), Sergio Crevatín (SAG Almirante Brown, ARG), Mariano Cánepa (SAG Villa Ballester, ARG)Backs: Marco Arce (Ferro Carril Oeste, ARG), Juan Pablo Fernández (Unlu, ARG), Damián Migueles,Pablo Portela (RiverPlate, ARG), Diego Simonet (Montpellier, FRA), Pablo Simonet (Ivry, FRA), Sebastián Simonet (Ivry, FRA), Juan Manuel Vázquez (RiverPlate, ARG), Agustín Vidal (Maristas Algemesi, SPA), Federico Vieyra (Istres, FRA).Wings: Federico Fernández (Unlu, ARG), Adrián Portela (RiverPlate, ARG), Federico Pizarro (Unlu, ARG),  Facundo Cangiani (RiverPlate, ARG)TEXT: LAURA AGENA read more

Vujovics message to players You are at Olympic Games not on funeral

Blaz JancOlympic handballSlovenian handballVeselin Vujović ← Previous Story FIRST FOR FRANCE: Karabatic calms down fanatic Tunisians Next Story → MT MELSUNGEN: Tobias Reichmann goes back to DKB Bundesliga! Slovenia managed to beat Egypt 27:26 in very tight match with the winning goal of the youngest member of Olympic squad, right wing Blaž Janc, who scored 11 seconds before the buzzer.The Slovenian NT coach Veselin Vujovic, like always, had some interesting statements afterwards:My players played without smile, with no joy, I demanded that they have to change approach, to realize that we are at Olympic Games, not on funeral. It’s a big plus for the upcoming matches that we played bad and win. Man of the Match was Blaz Janc. A lot of people asking am I crazy, when I gave him chance ahead of Gasper Marguc – concluded Vujovic. read more

HSE reports €404m financial deficit to end of August

first_imgTHE HSE HAS recorded a financial deficit of €404 million to the end of August, according to its most recent financial report.The report said hospitals recorded a collective deficit of just over €200 million while community schemes and community services ran at a deficit of €149.8 million and €53.9 million.Some 255,765 people were admitted as emergencies in acute hospitals that provide Emergency Care services, an increase of 6,935 on the same period last year. Over all 69 per cent of all admissions are reported as ‘emergency’.At the end of August there were 37,500 additional medical cards over the year end target of 105,000 cardsThe report also said the total number of people employed in the health sector is now below early 2005 numbers and there are less people employed in management and administration than any time since 2002.Beaumont Hospital in Dublin had the largest overspend in the hospital sector running at nearly €20 million at the end of August.Mid-Western Regional Hospital in Ennis reported the lowest variance in spending at just 0.5 per cent or €59.A review of emergency care activity showed no hospital reached the target of 95 per cent of all attendees at emergency department being discharged or admitted within 6 hours or 100 per cent of people admitted within 9 hours of registration in August.The hospital which faced the greatest challenge in reaching the 9 hour target for people admitted was Beaumont Hospital.HSE August 2012 Performance Report>Read:Reduction in waiting lists welcomed by Health Minister>last_img read more

Woman plans to hand out letters to obese trickortreating children instead of

first_imgThe professor added that you can’t judge someone’s health or exercise levels based on appearance alone, while an NBC poll shows an overwhelming amount of people disagree that such moves will help fight childhood obesity.Even if a child is overweight, they might be very healthy because of what they eat and how they exercise. It’s ineffective anyway because it’s not likely to help the kid.It’s hard to understand the woman’s motivations, so could it all be a hoax? Just a Halloween trick?The Blaze question the authenticity of the call and say the reluctance of the station to speak about the letter says a lot. However, Corey Schaffer, one of the show’s hosts, told Fox News that they would be following up with the woman on Friday to see if she goes ahead with the plan.According to the Grand Forks Herald, a former employee is convinced that the call was a hoax, saying that such calls are ”their shtick, that’s their thing, it’s what they are kinda famous for.”Listen to the full phone-call below and decide for yourself: Source: The Morning Playhouseh/t to ReutersWhy can’t kids say Trick Or Treat properly?>Is this the greatest TV-inspired Halloween costume ever?> I’m contributing to their health problems and really, their kids are everybody’s kids. It’s a whole village. I am not denying any of the kids candy. I am just hoping the parents are going to read this and think about it while they watch their kids get into bigger and bigger sizes of clothes.It’s bad enough getting coins or a piece of fruit, but a letter telling you you’re fat? Cheryl said she refuses to give stickers or toys in lieu of sweets as she doesn’t want to just be the “mean lady” in the village.I just want to send a message to the parents of kids that are really overweight. I think it’s just really irresponsible of parents to send them out looking for free candy just cause all the other kids are doing it.KVLY asked NDSU professor of clinical psychology Dr. Katie Gordon if the letter could possibly be beneficial in the way Cheryl hopes.It’s just that kind of thing that for some kids, if they’re vulnerable, might trigger major problems. TALK ABOUT A spoilsport. A woman plans to do her bit to combat childhood obesity, by handing out letters to children instead of sweets this Halloween.The woman named ‘Cheryl’, from North Dakota in the states, told local radio station Y-94 that she plans on giving larger children sealed, but painfully frank letters, in the hope they will reach their parents. Source: Valley News LiveWhile smaller children will receive treats, Cheryl says she feels responsible for those gorging on sweets. Speaking on the radio show, she said:last_img read more

Movember power rankings the top 10 sporting mos week 1

first_imgONCE AGAIN WE’RE fully behind the Movember cause here at HQ and we’re delighted to see sports stars getting into the spirit.But as with last year, it’s not about taking part. It’s about winning.So we’ve ranked ten of the best efforts so far and we’ll track their progress over the rest of the month.If you spot a particularly nice nose neighbour that we’ve missed, let us know and your favourite might break into the top 10 next week.May the best mo’ win.last_img

13 things we learned from the Roy KeanePatrick Vieira documentary

first_img5. He initially didn’t think he deserved his Champions League medalKeane revealed he at first felt he didn’t deserve his Champions League medal after missing the final through suspension. But he added that his views had “softened” on the matter in recent years though.6. He was “offended” by Ferguson’s praise of himAfter being quoted back Ferguson’s first autobiography in which the manager said he “covered every blade of grass” in the Champions League semi-final, Keane said he felt “offended” by the description. “It’s like praising the postman for delivering letters. What did he expect me to do? Give up?”7. Keane does have some good words to say about FergusonThe former United captain said that the manager “had a good feel for what the group needed… He generally got that right.”8. If he could change one thing about his career, it would be to “play in the [2002] World Cup”(INPHO/Andrew Paton)When McCarthy asked him how he can play for a manager he doesn’t respect, he said he should’ve responded: “I wasn’t playing for him, I was playing for my country.” He explained that, in Saipan, he “wasn’t looking for perfection,” he was “looking for progress” and for the Irish team to “train like Germany or Italy”.9. Keane was driven by “fear”Keane was obsessed with “fear of losing, fear of letting people down, fear of letting my neighbours down, fear of letting my family down”. He said that enjoyment after games was “very brief, too brief” until the fear “creeps back”. 1. Keane didn’t think Vieira was as tough as himWhen asked to name Vieira’s biggest weakness, Keane said that he felt he was tougher than the Frenchman. Vieira, when asked the same question, said that Keane’s tendency to “lose his head” was his biggest flaw.2. Keane hated Arsenal more than any other teamKeane revealed that the Gunners “brought something out in me”. He also recalled how both managers were happy for such a fiery atmosphere to exist between the sides, and claimed that Ferguson seldom encouraged him to be calm ahead of the game.3. The greatest moment of Keane’s United career was “signing for them”The Corkonian described joining the club as “a dream come true,” suggesting it didn’t get any better than that moment despite all he achieved there.4. Giggs, Scholes and Neville may feel hard done by watching itNone of the three players made Keane’s all-time United XI of players he played with, though he did say that if he was to swap anyone, it would be himself for Scholes. Meanwhile, on Giggs, he quipped: “Having a great career doesn’t mean you’re a great player”.When it was pointed out that many of the players on his team fell out with Ferguson, he said: “You don’t win the league title with choirboys… Maybe that’s why we were winning titles.” 10. He didn’t go out to “injure” Alf Inge HaalandKeane admitted he went out to “hurt” players because that was “my job”. However, he claims he never sought to intentionally “injure” Haaland or anyone else.11. Vieira started their infamous Highbury rowKeane revealed he was incensed when he saw Arsenal players picking on Gary Neville because he was the “weakest link”. Vieira also described how the argument started after Neville taunted Robert Pires and the Arsenal midfielder intervened to defend his teammate.12. Keane was “tempted” to play abroadKeane said he held talks with clubs such as Bayern Munich and Juventus as his contract was running out, but never felt “strongly enough” to make the move “because I was happy at United.” He added that he partially does “regret” not availing of the opportunity.13. His warmth for Man United has returnedKeane says he lost his warm feelings for the club for a few years after leaving them, but has since regained his love for United — to the point where himself and his son are now season-ticket holders there.Manchester United find home comforts with Shakhtar win>Galatasaray-Juventus match abandoned following snow storm>center_img Keane’s all-time XI: Peter Schmeichel; Paul Parker, Gary Pallister, Jaap Stam, Denis Irwin, David Beckham, Paul Ince, Roy Keane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Eric Cantona, Ruud Van Nistelrooy.last_img read more

Column Atheist gatherings take the positive aspects of church like the sense

first_imgColumn: Religion should be taken out of schools. Leave it at home> SAMUEL BECKETT ONCE wrote a letter in response to a young boy who had written to say that he was living in the author’s old childhood home. After remising about the house, Beckett signs off by saying “If you ever meet my ghost wandering the house or grounds, give it my regards”.The letter currently resides among many other quirky treasures in The Little Museum of Dublin on Stephen’s Green. Other items of interest include James Joyce’s death mask, a mobile altar from the early 1900s, a Harry Clark stain glass window retrieved from a skip and a collection of 24-carat gold plated Monster Munch.Celebration of lifeAlthough accustomed to housing the unusual, on the night of 1 November The Little Museum was inhabited by something even more rare; a Church for Atheists called The Sunday Assembly whose aim is to bring together a godless congregation in celebration of life. It seems fitting to hold this secular convention among the artifacts of such confirmed non-believers as Beckett and Joyce.The Sunday Assembly aims to take the positive aspects of church, such as a sense of community and a place for self-reflection and use them to create a new space for atheist gatherings. Founded in January by two stand-up comedians from London, Pippa Evans and Sanderson Johnson say were astounded by the success of their first gathering that attracted a few hundred attendants to a de-consecrated church in North London.They now intend to roll out The Sunday Assembly worldwide with the Dublin date being just one of their 40 Days and 40 Nights global road show. Their motto: live better, help often, wonder more.November 1st was a cold, crisp night in Dublin with more than a hint of winter in the air. The Little Museum of Dublin offered an inviting façade, with its bright Georgian windows looking out on to the darkness of Stephen’s Green. There is an air of trepidation and nervous smiles are exchanged as people huddle their way up the steps to the big, green door. Expectations were high after an email from the founder, Sanderson Johnson, declaring this night would be: “a ton of fun and pretty damn historic too! You will want to say you were there!”Godless congregationThe gathering has attracted a godless congregation of over 100 people, with ages ranging from 7 to 70. Gary, 28 from Dublin, has come because: “I heard about it and was interested to see what it would be like. Plus it’s something to do for free on Friday night!” Others express a similar curiosity to see what an atheist church-like gathering would entail. One of the answers turns out to be singing, lots of singing.Mr. Jones, with his lanky frame, long straggly blond hair and thick beard bears an uncomfortably strong resemblance to Jesus, something to which he jokingly makes reference. As he entered we all stood to sing The Beatles ‘I Get by with a Little Help from my Friends’, with lyrics helpfully provided on a big screen. This seems to have had the desired effect of lowering inhibitions in a room of strangers and giving a sense of unity.However, it was quickly followed by another sing-a-long, this time U2′s ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ which was less of a success. The song, solely rolled out for the Irish assembly, happened to contain the unfortunate lyrics: “I believe in Kingdom come”, to which someone shouted out panto-style: “Oh no we don’t!”Mr. Jones, who seems to have based his performance on those of a Southern Baptist preacher, fizzes with zeal as he bids the crowd to join in hand clapping, singing and general wonderment at the magnificence of simply being alive. “There’s darkness before we’re alive and darkness after, but in between is this beautiful thing called life and I think we should all enjoy it together”. All cynicism is to be checked at the door.The Sunday AssemblyGuest speakers of the night included Dr. Shane Bergin who spoke about the wonder of physics and Dublin poet Colm Keegan. He wrote a poem especially for the event to encourage people to recapture a sense of wonder about life. “You’re alive for roughly two and a half billion seconds…and you should make every one of them matter”. The Sunday Assembly is about positivity and, according to Mr. Keegan, “The world is full of people asking ‘why?’ You should surround yourself with those who ask ‘why not?’”However, Mr. Keegan also had some issues with the night’s proceedings, specifically how closely it resembled a mass service. “I had a bit of a problem with things like: ‘Everyone stand up now! Everyone sit down now!’ I mean, that’s what I hated about church, people telling me what to do!”BlasphemyAisling O’Brien was there as the sole representative of Atheist Ireland. Many other members were away in Galway for the Convention on the Constitution where Michael Nugent, Chairperson of Atheist Ireland, continued the on-going fight to get blasphemy removed from the constitution of Ireland.Ms. O’Brien had similar misgivings to Mr. Keegan. “For me, I was just preached to for the night and that was a total turn off”. Ms. O’Brien, who organises gatherings for atheists and agnostics on MeetUp, didn’t enjoy the lack of a communal dialogue. “I think there is a need for an atheist community. And that’s why we have MeetUps so we can get to know one another. It’s not about bringing everyone together and saying ‘Hallelujah!’ It’s a quick-fix way to create a feeling of community; a blunt tool to use”.Mr. Jones said they purposefully use the church service format as their priority is to reconnect people with a sense of wonder about life “and you see people that have that feeling of wonder being connected with God, so we just take the same techniques and use them to connect with other things”.When confronted with Ms. O’Brien’s complaint about the one-way nature of the dialogue, Mr. Jones responds: “Does Lady Gaga offer a Q & A session? No! She offers an emotional experience.” That’s what he claims The Sunday Assembly also aims to do: “We’re creating an experience designed to appeal to people’s heads and hearts”.Struck a chordMr. Jones admits their particular style of atheism-light won’t appeal to all. “Everyone likes different things, there’s never going to be one thing for everyone”. However, there were people at the event for whom it struck a chord.Christina is a former evangelical Christian from rural Ohio who has recently moved to Dublin. As a pastor’s daughter in a small town, she claimed she found it difficult to talk about her religious misgivings in her youth. “Where I’m from no one would ever use the ‘A’ word!”Her lack of faith began at a young age: “I didn’t have the words to express myself as a kid, but I always remember having this sinking feeling about religion. In my church at home, they preach that a woman’s place is in the home. Only men can pray in front of the congregation and young boys would be brought up to pray. I would sit there thinking ‘Why are a young boy’s words considered more important than mine?”AtheismIt was only when Christina left for college and began to read atheist literature online that she realised she was a confirmed non-believer. She claims “becoming an atheist made me feel free for the first time”. However, she also admitted that leaving behind religion created a void in her life. “Since I became an atheist and left church my life has changed. I miss having people that would take me under their wing. Tonight has given me a sense of community that I had been missing, it’s just so nice to be surrounded with people like me”.In the room above where The Sunday Assembly took place lies the 19th century mobile altar, a remnant of a more religious time, slowly collecting dust. Above it hangs the cracked Harry Clarke stain glass window depicting the eve of St Agnes. Once considered a hallowed object, it now hangs in a fractured state, being admired for craftsmanship more so than what it depicts. Perhaps the time is coming for religion to be viewed as a relic from a bygone era?The day is fast approaching when Ireland is due to exit the bailout, December 15th, which happens to be the same day as Dublin’s 2nd Sunday Assembly. One of the main the ethos’ of the Assembly is that we all come from nothing and go back to nothing, but hopefully Ireland’s final exit will lead to something better than what we came from. Their overriding message of life affirming positivity is something we could all use more of. With the departure of the troika imminent, let’s hope Ireland can remain as positive as the Sunday Assembly while facing up to a future with no high power to watch over us.Deirdre Mc Mahon is free lance writer from Dublin who writes on popular culture. She contributes to and reviews movies for Film Ireland.Read: Column: Why it’s time to get rid of Ireland’s blasphemy laws>last_img read more

Analysis New approach brings new hope for Ireland on rocky road to

first_imgFOR A GAME that had somewhat justifiably been seen as the potential end to the Giovanni Trapattoni era, Ireland’s impressive 0-0 draw may go a long way to ushering in a new beginning for both the team and the manager.Because, although it may have ended in that most quintessentially Irish of away results – the proud draw – it was achieved through a very different method than usual.A visible signal of the new departure came as the fourth official put his board up on 77 minutes.At such stages in the past, Trapattoni has often made somewhat surprising substitutions in seeking to hold ground and consolidate the result. Generally, it has combined with a massive retreat back that has run a greater risk of giving up goals rather than just possession.This time, though, the Italian made what must be considered one of the most proactive moves of his tenure. He brought the intriguing — and popular — Wes Hoolahan on for Robbie Keane and changed the dynamic of the game as well as the team.Moreover, rather than try and keep steady at the edge of their box, Ireland were actively looking to keep the ball. It further illustrated a transformation that seems to have taken place right across the team.When Trapattoni first took over the side, after all, it made sense to implement a defence-based side given that most of the squad’s most forceful players, such as Richard Dunne, played at the back. The humiliations of Euro 2012 and Germany, in fact, coincided with a core that was no longer so capable of such rearguard resilience.Given Trapattoni’s reluctance to bring through newer players that looked more and more ready, there were then rightful questions over whether he was the right man to oversee the introduction of a new generation. In Sweden, however, Trapattoni deserved credit for the manner in which so many young players demanded responsibility and also made use.Forward thinkingFrom the front, Shane Long very quickly put Sweden on the back foot with a barging run. Indeed, the only criticism you could really have of Ireland’s performance beyond the odd loose pass was with the finishing.Because, behind the front two, the team also took an impressively proactive approach to causing Sweden problems. In the first 20 minutes, in particular, Ireland produced some of their most pleasing football for some time. Although James McCarthy did play two poor balls early on, they were at odds with a performance that was assured and authoritative. Paul Green, meanwhile, hassled and harried as well as Seamus Coleman introduced the energy many expected.James McClean offered a shift that was in stark contrast to his stuttering club form and Marc Wilson was a model of composure. Indeed, in contrast to the long passes of the past under Trapattoni, many of the side’s best moves began with the Stoke defender’s easy control.Pic: Inpho/ Donall FarmerBehind them all, then, David Forde pulled off the kind of important saves that will ensure people won’t so readily talk about the old Shay Given or the fact the new number-one is at a Championship club. Most importantly, all of that came together to ensure the single most talented individual on the pitch was kept unusually quiet. To be frank, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was only ever on the periphery of the game.The result, though, has ensured that Ireland are most certainly not on the periphery of the group. And the hope, now, is not just that they keep it in terms of results against Austria on Tuesday – but that they do the same as regards this more rousing approach.VIDEO: Liam Brady and Eamon Dunphy clashed again after the game tonightlast_img read more

22 signs youre a sports fan from Cavan

first_img22. You count The Polo Grounds as a pilgrimage destinationSee more pics at TerraceTalk.com21. In fact, you’d have happily paid over $4 for a ticketCredit: NYPD Gaelic Football 20. And, this was the only video you were allowed watch until your sixth birthdayYouTube credit: Bryansford Gael19. You know for a fact that there’s only one Andy Murray©INPHO/PRESSEYE/Russell Pritchard18. And you’ve never heard of ‘the other Stephen King’© Billy Stickland/INPHO17. You know Cavan have won 5 All Irelands. But more importantly, you know that Monaghan have noneNo male All Irelands anyway.Monaghan? Hiss, booooo! ©INPHO/Morgan Treacy16. You read that in The CeltAlong with other important stuff.Credit: Alan O’Mara on Twitter15. Still, you’ve happily called Clones homeEven though it’s the only place you’ve ever contracted sunburn©INPHO/Morgan Treacy14. On Saturdays, you find yourself wondering “how many points did Cillian Sheridan get for Kilmarnock today?”©INPHO/Dan Sheridan13. While we’re on the subject of ‘The Saw-ker’, what ever happened to Terry Dixon?©INPHO/Andrew Paton12. You adhere to the (un)official boycott of Co. Kildare ©INPHO/Donall Farmer11. No question, Ireland’s greatest ever track athlete is Catherina McKiernan©INPHO/Donall Farmer10. Didn’t she win the London Marathon and everything!©INPHO/Allsport9. She ran past you one Sunday. You stayed with her no bother, but then let her on…Can’t remember if you’re on the left or the right. ©INPHO/Morgan Treacy8. Of course, Cavan is a hot-bed of international successHow many world handball titles is it now, Paul?  ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne7. You don’t have to be from Cavan to know Federer v Nadal has nothing on Paul Brady’s rivalry with Luis MorenoBut it helps.©INPHO/Ryan Byrne6. John Joe Nevin, he’s practically from Cavan too©INPHO/James CrombieHaving said that..5. The only thing you’ve ever needed a hurl for is baitin’ cattle into field.©INPHO/Cathal Noonan4. Your holiday plans are revealed when you hear the Qualifier draw on Northern SoundRoad trippin’ with Northern Sound.3. If you’re going further afield, your flights are booked for July because The Championship will be over by then©INPHO/Andrew Paton2. At some stage you’ve vowed to name your first-born, ‘Gallant John Joe’YouTube credit: bedoboy1. ’97: What. A. Year.©Billy Stickland/INPHOSpecial thanks to those true blue-blooded Breffni boys who contributed. You should follow at least one of them on Twitter (it doesn’t cost anything).21 signs you’re a sports fan from Waterford16 signs you’re a sports fan from Cork19 signs you’re a sports fan from Kerrylast_img read more

A massive and unprecedented intrusion AP slams US governments snooping

first_img‘No conceivable right to know’He demanded the return of the phone records and destruction of all copies.“There can be no possible justification for such an overbroad collection of the telephone communications of The Associated Press and its reporters.“These records potentially reveal communications with confidential sources across all of the newsgathering activities undertaken by the AP during a two-month period, provide a road map to AP’s newsgathering operations and disclose information about AP’s activities and operations that the government has no conceivable right to know,” Pruitt said.The government would not say why it sought the records. Officials have previously said in public testimony that the U.S. attorney in Washington is conducting a criminal investigation into who may have provided information contained in a May 7, 2012, AP story about a foiled terror plot.The story disclosed details of a CIA operation in Yemen that stopped an Al Qaeda plot in the spring of 2012 to detonate a bomb on an airplane bound for the United States.Prosecutors have sought phone records from reporters before, but the seizure of records from such a wide array of AP offices, including general AP switchboards numbers and an office-wide shared fax line, is unusual.Read: Irish journalist Declan Walsh ordered to leave PakistanRead: Pressure grows on Obama to free hunger strikers – or put them on trial THE US JUSTICE Department secretly obtained two months of telephone records of reporters and editors for The Associated Press in what the news cooperative’s top executive called a “massive and unprecedented intrusion” into how news organizations gather the news.The records obtained by the Justice Department listed outgoing calls for the work and personal phone numbers of individual reporters, for general AP office numbers in New York, Washington and Hartford, Connecticut, and for the main number for the AP in the House of Representatives press gallery, according to attorneys for the AP.It was not clear if the records also included incoming calls or the duration of the calls.In all, the government seized the records for more than 20 separate telephone lines assigned to AP and its journalists in April and May of 2012.The exact number of journalists who used the phone lines during that period is unknown, but more than a hundred journalists work in the offices where phone records were targeted, on a wide array of stories about government and other matters.In a letter of protest sent to Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday, AP President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Pruitt said the government sought and obtained information far beyond anything that could be justified by any specific investigation.last_img read more

12 amazing photos caused by the wind

first_imgCan’t see the image?  Try refreshing the page.  Via ImgurThis would simply have been a boring holiday snapCan’t see the image?  Try refreshing the page.  Via ImgurWe would never have seen what Chewbacca looks like with his head out a car windowCan’t see the image?  Try refreshing the page.  Via ImgurWe might not have seen this moustache in this shapeRetronautThis dog would never have known what it’s like to be without sightCan’t see the image?  Try refreshing the page.  Via ImgurWe would never have fully appreciated the length of this basset hound’s earsCan’t see the image?  Try refreshing the page.  Via ImgurThis may not have happened.  We have to assume the wind played a role in thisCan’t see the image?  Try refreshing the page.  Via Imgur8 reasons wind is the most frustrating weather of all>12 gorgeous moments which will make you feel good about marriage> IF YOU ARE someone who walks or cycles to work, you will undoubtedly have experienced some pretty strong wind this morning.It’s the kind of wind that makes you feel like you could actually be blown away, Wicked Witch of the West style. Clearly the wind makes getting around a bit tricky if you don’t have a car, but it can also result in some pretty magical moments.Without the wind, we would never have had these beauties.This dog’s face flapping in the windCan’t see the image?  Try refreshing the page.  Via ImgurThe wind and the ice combining to form something beautifulCan’t see the image?  Try refreshing the page.  Via ImgurThis squirrel’s shocked expression Can’t see the image?  Try refreshing the page.  Via ImgurAnd this one Can’t see the image?  Try refreshing the page.  Via ImgurWithout the wind, this dogs ears would never have looked like handlebarsCan’t see the image?  Try refreshing the page.  Via ImgurSame for this guylast_img read more

Man found guilty of murdering 5yearold April Jones

first_imgMARK BRIDGER HAS been found guilty today of abducting and murdering five-year-old girl April Jones, whose disappearance in Wales last year sparked one of the biggest searches in Britain’s history.Bridger, 47, had denied murdering the girl, who vanished while playing near her home in the market town of Machynlleth last October.The former slaughterhouse worker claimed he accidentally ran her over with his Land Rover and then could not remember what he had done with the body.But a jury today convicted him of abducting and murdering the 5-year-old and of unlawfully disposing of and concealing her body with intent to pervert the course of justice.He will be sentenced later today.The body of the little girl, who had mild cerebral palsy, has never been found despite hundreds of members of the public joining the police search of the mountainous area criss-crossed by rivers.Ed Beltrami, the chief prosecutor for Wales, said after the verdict that Bridger was a “violent, cold-hearted murderer and a calculated liar.”“Ever since his first interview with police in October last year, Mark Bridger has relentlessly spun a web of lies and half-truths to try and distance himself from the truly horrific nature of the crime he perpetrated,” Beltrami said.The trial, which lasted more than one month, heard that he had watched a cartoon of a young girl being raped hours before Jones went missing.Blood and tiny bone fragments found at Bridger’s cottage were a near-perfect match with her DNA, the court heard.- © AFP 2013.Read: Man accused of murdering April Jones (5) kept pictures of her on laptop>Read: Man accused of murdering April Jones ‘approached her sister on Facebook’>last_img read more

8 types of runners youll meet at a marathon

first_img1. The genuine contenderRunning is not just a hobby but their career. No messing around here, you can put money on them crossing the line before 95% of the other competitors.James Roitich and Joel Kipsang. Credit: INPHO/Presseye/Declan RoughanVira Ovcharuk. Credit: INPHO/Presseye/Stephen Hamilton2. The bloke who insists on cross-dressingIt may look thrown together but they’ve been planning their outfit all year. Generally more concerned with getting papped than making an impact in the race.Credit: INPHO/Ryan ByrneCredit: INPHO/Lorraine O’Sullivan3. The groupsIt’s all about strength in numbers for this band of merry joggers. Usually wearing matching t-shirts advertising their charity name.Members of the Air Corps. Credit: INPHO/Lorraine O’SullivanCredit: INPHO/Donall Farmer4. The celebrityOnly after they pass you coming around St Stephen’s Green do you realise it’s ‘your man off the radio’.Second Captains host Eoin McDevitt. Credit: INPHO/Cathal NoonanRosanna Davidson. Credit: INPHO/Donall FarmerRay D’Arcy. Credit: INPHO/Cathal Noonan5. The lad who has got no running left in himThey’ve given their all and literally can’t go on any further. Call the medics, quick!Credit: INPHO/Cathal NoonanCredit:  INPHO/Cathal NoonanCredit: INPHO/Cathal Noonan6. The show-offReally… There’s no need.Credit: INPHO/James Crombie7. The casual walkerNot going anywhere fast but who cares, they’re out to enjoy their Bank Holiday Monday.Credit: INPHO/Dan Sheridan8. The fancy dress brigadeThey come in all shapes and sizes and add colour and character to the race.Credit: INPHO/James CrombieCredit: INPHO/Ryan ByrneCredit: INPHO/Cathal NoonanCredit: INPHO/Cathal NoonanHave we forgotten any? Which type are you?Golfer flips his club while juggling a ball in an incredible trick shot videoWhich of these 18 types of sports fan are you?last_img read more

How Niall Collins did nothing wrong but did himself no favours

first_imgMUCH AS NIALL Collins tried to put the story to bed on Wednesday night, the significant furore created by a letter he sent asking that a drug dealer not be jailed required a more fulsome response from the Fianna Fail justice spokesperson.The Limerick TD will hope that in issuing a statement and outlining the rationale for the letter he wrote on behalf of Hugo Porter, a father of four who admitted to the possession for sale of €18,000 of cannabis, he has put an end to the controversy.But the implied criticism from his own leader Micheál Martin – “I do not believe that Oireachtas members should involve themselves in criminal proceedings” – and the widespread condemnation from other political quarters is an indicator of how both people within Leinster House and the general public feel about it. Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams said he wouldn’t have done it. The Taoiseach Enda Kenny described it as “a direct intervention in the administration of justice”. Even Lucinda Creighton got in on the act, telling RTÉ yesterday that she believed it was “completely inappropriate” and an “immense and grave error of judgement”.In other words, it’s not something a TD is supposed to be doing. Yet TDs have been doing it in one way or another for decades. Some, but not all, have had to fall on their swords because of it.Previous casesIn 2007, the office of former Fianna Fáil minister Tony Killeen sent two letters to the Minister for Justice urging that a convicted child rapist be freed. The following year, Labour’s Kathleen Lynch expressed regret after she wrote to a judge in a case where a man was convicted of raping two teenage sisters in Cork. Both held onto their jobs.But more recently the Green Party minister Trevor Sargent resigned in 2010 after contacting gardaí about a case involving a constituent.The basic problem here is that what Collins did just doesn’t look good.Strip away the intricacies of the case and what you see is a politician writing a letter that seeks leniency for a man who admits to possessing thousands of euro worth of illegal drugs.But what about those intricacies? You can certainly have some understanding over what Collins did – and why he did – when you consider a number of factors. He was approached about the case, it doesn’t concern a constituent (so there is no political gain) and the man in question has four children who lost their mother in tragic circumstances.As the Limerick TD himself says:My decision was based solely on compassion and concern for the four children.”‘Pain the arse’One of his Fianna Fáil colleagues probably put it best today when they said “he put the welfare of the kids ahead of covering his own arse”.Had he covered his own arse, Collins would have simply declined to do what he did because as much as it used to happen, it doesn’t any more. Primarily because of the controversies it can create, as was seen in the cases of Killeen, Lynch and Sargent.But also because it begs the question. Is it actually fundamentally correct that politicians seek in anyway to involve themselves in matters related to the administration of justice in this State?Many would say that it’s not and it should not have happened so Collins has done himself no favours with his intervention.He may weather this storm but he is badly damaged by it. As the same colleague noted: ”He’s done nothing wrong, but it’s not the done thing, and it’s a pain in the arse for him.”Micheál Martin: TDs shouldn’t involve themselves in criminal proceedingsRead: Niall Collins sent letter to judge to inform him of the suicide of children’s motherlast_img read more

Apple changes its direction as iPhone Sim card plans thwarted

first_imgWhilst in America the iPhone is stuck on AT&T contracts for at least another 2 years, if the rumored 5 year contract length the company had with Apple holds true (supposedly set to run out in 2012), the European market does not have such problems, with companies like Vodafone, O2, Orange and Tesco all offering the iPhone on various contracts.Mind you when it comes to having the flexibility to change contracts at a drop at a hat you are still bound by the original contract terms, so it’s difficult to swap to a different carrier when you want to. Apple decided to resolve the problem by creating a special sim card (using the mobile SIM card maker Gemalto as their manufacturer) which could bypass operators.More specifically, according to the Telegraph Apple wanted to exclude specific operators, such as Vodafone and O2, from the sale process so they could build a more direct relationship with customers. However, it now seems that Apple has given up on its plan after operators warned that they would refuse to continue subsidising the cost of the expensive phones.Currently mobile operators pay Apple £375 (around the $600 mark) for the phone which they then pass onto consumers running on 24-month contracts. Despite this Apple is still pushing ahead with the new SIM card in iPad devices because the tablet is not subsidised by mobile operators. Integrated-SIM versions of the iPad are said to be rolling out in the run-up to Christmas or early in the New Year.As reported last week a new version of the iPad has been announced which will no doubt feature one of these new sims – watch this space for more news.Read more at The Telegraphlast_img read more