Facebook Graph Search: Noisier And Nosier Than Ever

first_imgTags:#Facebook#friends#Instagram#notifications#social media#twitter A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Related Posts Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verificationcenter_img In rolling out its new Graph Search, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was quick to caution that “it’s going to take years to index the whole map of the graph.”  That’s great.  It gives me time to completely remove myself from Facebook.When I dropped off Facebook a few weeks ago, it wasn’t in pursuit of some grand, moral crusade.  I was simply trying to show solidarity with my 13-year old son, who had become obsessed (addicted?) to a massively multiplayer game played on Facebook. When I took away his Facebook privileges in an attempt to help him kick the habit, I decided that a hiatus from Facebook would do me some good, too, and would show him that I wasn’t asking him to give up something that I, too, wasn’t willing to abandon.  Little did I suspect the incredible relief that would come from cutting out Facebook and Instagram from my life. (I kept Twitter, however, as it has become a useful business tool for me.)At the same time, to keep myself from slavishly staring at my iPhone all the time – again, not wanting to be a bad example for my son – I turned off all notifications. Then I did the same thing on my laptop. I wasn’t attempting a Digital Purge, as John Paul Titlow describes in ReadWrite: I simply wanted to control how and when I’d use my devices and their applications, rather than having them constantly clamoring for my attention. I wanted control.Peace At LastIt has been amazing.  I’ve felt more peaceful and thoughtful than I have in years. (Regular readers of my column here may disagree, but we’ll bracket that issue for now.)This reprieve from the onslaught of social media and its attendant army of notifications (“Lonn likes your post.  He really likes it!”) couldn’t have come at a better time, now that Facebook’s Graph Search is set to make it even easier for random people that I’ve accepted as “friends” to search my interests and take action based on them. (“Hey! I like The Hobbit, too! Want to go to the community theatre’s production of Bilbo and Me?” “You’ve eaten at Flour + Water. What should I get?”)Facebook was noisy before. Now it’s going to be nosy, too? No, thanks.Jon Mitchell is right: we need a unified search box, not a Facebook or Google or Apple walled-garden search experience. Google comes closest to this, but of course Facebook has siloed its “graph” such that Google can’t index it. That may be great for Facebook’s business, but it’s terrible for the user experience.  Having said that, if I have to let people scour my random postings across social media, I’d prefer them to be my friends. I just wish Facebook more accurately reflected who those friends actually are. We can’t manage more than 150 friends meaningfully, at least, according to Robin Dunbar’s influential research.  I must be slow, as I don’t even want to interact with those 150 friends when it comes to choosing a restaurant or a movie. There are few individuals that I trust on such matters: I either want an expert (Zagat) or the foolishness of crowds (Yelp). I don’t want my brother, who might hype me on the new dish at Olive Garden. (A fate worse than death!)In sum, I’m enjoying my life sans Facebook, and I imagine I’ll enjoy it even more now that Facebook wants to make it even easier to invade my personal space without real value in return. Maybe it will be useful for dating, but I have zero interest in this.I just want a place to hang out with real friends. It turns out that there’s an even better place to do this than Facebook. It’s called “the real world.” The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Matt Asaylast_img read more

Ford to work on self-driving cars with taxi and delivery functionality

first_imgTags:#automotive#Autonomous#cars#Delivery#driverless#Ford#ride-hailing#ride-sharing#Self-Driving#taxi#vans IT Trends of the Future That Are Worth Paying A… For Self-Driving Systems, Infrastructure and In… Related Posts 5 Ways IoT can Help to Reduce Automatic Vehicle…center_img Break the Mold with Real-World Logistics AI and… Gozde Gorce Car ownership is predicted to decline as self-driving cars hit the roads, with more people, especially in cities, opting for a taxi or shuttle. When that happens, Ford wants to be the company supplying taxi operators with vehicles.In a blog post, Ford vice president of autonomous vehicles, Sherif Marakby, said the company is aiming to build a self-driving car that maximizes ‘utilization time’, while also evolving to the new needs of taxi operators and delivery services.See Also: Ford patents removable wheel for self-driving vehiclesFord makes a point that the new customer is not the individual, but a company. Instead of selling a car to a consumer, it is sold to Uber or Lyft and then used by hundreds of commuters every day.We’re developing self-driving technology because the world is changing rapidly. For many people who live in large cities, owning a car is no longer a viable choice,” said Marakby.“Ride sharing and hailing is on the rise, and shopping at malls is giving way to buying online, which is increasing package delivery services. Therefore, we’re building a business to capitalize on both of these trends. We plan to develop and manufacture self-driving vehicles at scale, deployed in cooperation with multiple partners, and with a customer experience based on human-centered design principles.”Decades of experience gives an edgeThe automaker has spent decades working with partners in the taxi and delivery industry, which it said gives it the edge on the competition. In the post, Marakby said the first self-driving cars to come out of Ford’s factories will be hybrids, due to their range advantages compared to electric.Ford is also putting heavy emphasis on a “human centered design approach”, which is currently being researched at the company’s team in Palo Alto. It said it will work with partners to ensure that its self-driving cars are a force for good on the roads, instead of a disruptor.The current goal is for a self-driving Ford by 2021, though the company’s head of research said it may be 2026 before customers can buy one of those vehicles.last_img read more

The Essay Structure of Video Editing

first_imgA good way to plan and edit a non-fiction piece is to structure the storyline like you would a formal essay. In this post we’ll take our cues from writing fundamentals and show you how.Think back to high school English class, and having to write essay after essay. I don’t know about you, but my english teachers drilled a very specific structure into my head for writing these essays and reports. This structure proved incredibly useful when I aced my college writing class, but I also realized over time that I was subconsciously using the basic fundamentals of essay organization in my videos – specifically non-fiction ones.Some of this came through in the initial planning stages, but a lot of the time I was handed several reels worth of interviews in the editing phase with no clear plan besides “this is what they want the video for.” The basic essay structure was incredibly useful in taking all of that content and forming it into a coherent piece that was easily followed by the audience. So, indulge me for a second while I recap “Essay Writing 101” for you and you’ll see how applying these concepts to an “essay structure” of editing can make things easier for you to edit together a cohesive story and easier for your audience to get the point.There are three important characteristics of a well-structured essay that can easily apply to editing a video: An “hourglass shape”, a thesis statement and a “roadmap”.The Hourglass ShapeThe idea behind the hourglass shape is to start broad: general background on your topic to introduce it to your audience. As the intro goes along, you quickly get more specific, ending with your thesis statement/main idea, which sets the tone for the main body of your content.Your main content stays specific to your subject and is meant to backup your thesis – it’s your evidence for your main point. Then at the end, you reach your summary. Your summary reiterates your thesis in a new way to sum everything up, then you start to get broader in topic, explaining why your main idea matters in the big picture of things.So: start with a broad background, get more specific until you reach your thesis (main idea), stay specific and support your thesis, sum it all up, then get more general and explain why it matters to your audience in the big picture.One advantage of structuring your video like this is that your audience doesn’t get thrown into the story “in medias res” (latin for “in the middle of things”). Starting “in medias res” is a great technique for narrative and fiction pieces, but it can often be a hindrance to non-fiction work, especially short form where you need to get the audience up to speed quickly.Another advantage is that you have a clear understanding when organizing the story of what will support your main idea and what won’t, so you can cut your content down to what really matters.A third advantage to structuring your video this way is that by finishing with how this relates to the big picture, you give a global/grand scale of importance to your message and leave this as the final lasting thought for the audience.The Thesis StatementThe thesis is the point you are trying to make. Every good essay and every good video try to make a point – a reason why the audience should pay attention. A good thesis has a number of components, but the main two that apply here are:A clear and specific message/point you are trying to get acrossEvidence to support your pointThere are actually three types of thesis statements: analytical, expository (explanatory), and argumentative ; these just so happen to fit well with common reasons someone would want a video!An analytical piece breaks down research/evidence on an issue into the key points so the audience can better understand it, and usually comes to a non-controversial fact-based conclusion (if it even has a conclusion).An expository piece explains something to the audience, but it’s not trying to make the audience think one way or another.An argumentative piece tries to convince the audience that an opinion or claim is true/valid and supports it with evidence. It can be similar to an argumentative piece, but the thesis and the conclusion drawn are subjective, even when supported by evidence.Knowing what type of piece you are editing informs what supporting content you need to find and how best to order that content. You need to know what you’re saying and you need to know how to back it up!The RoadmapOne of the things I was taught in school is that your essay thesis should contain the topics of your supporting evidence, and these topics should be arranged to match the order of your body paragraphs, basically creating a roadmap for your essay.For example: “People should do [thing] because of [evidence x], [evidence y], and [evidence z]”. The supporting body paragraphs would cover the topics of x, y, and z in that order. This gives the audience an understanding of what’s to come.In video, you don’t always have the luxury of having your talent or interviewee say that perfect statement that summarizes all of the evidence in the right order. What you do have is the ability to either create your roadmap ahead of time and make sure you get those topics covered, or you can group all of the content you have into the different topics and decide on what best supports your message and how best to arrange it for flow.This is the basic function of an editor, but you’d be surprised how many go right into laying things in the timeline without an actual plan in place! Having this “roadmap” lets you quickly sift through content to find what fits, have an idea of what transitional content you’ll need, and lay it all in the timeline without having to guess what order works best.A Practical ExampleEarlier this year I did a project for KIPP Academy in Nashville, TN, to be shown at a fundraising event for the expansion of the program from one middle school to K–12 and 6+ schools. I’ve written about this project before from a post-production perspective, but one thing I haven’t talked about is the planning. We sat down with some of the staff from KIPP, listened to their vision and reason for wanting this piece, and we asked them questions about the school, what the ultimate outcome they were trying to accomplish, etc. As we went through this meeting, I started forming a thesis and roadmap for the project.Their ultimate goal for the video was to “develop a case for why KIPP needs to grow” and based on that, why people should donate and invest in KIPP:I had my message, they had given me an idea of what evidence we would cover, so I drew out a (super messy) handwritten timeline in my notebook:Since you probably can’t read my terrible handwriting, here’s how it was structured:History of the schoolWhat they’ve done at the middle school (results)Where they’re going (goals for community impact)Practical (better high school & college grad rate, etc.)Personal (character building, neighborhood transformation, etc.) How the audience can helpYou can see how this initial idea of a timeline in pre-production came together:This “essay structure” of editing had a huge impact on how we made this video, but I use it on everything from small corporate testimonials to huge multi-interview videos for marketing campaigns. This structure can give you a head start in your planning, even when there wasn’t a plan in place to begin with. Give it a try and share your thoughts/experiences in the comments below!last_img read more

India Backs Mauritius’s Sovereignty Claim Over Chagos Islands at ICJ

first_imgIndia has submitted a written statement to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in support of Mauritius’s demand for sovereignty over Chagos Archipelago from Britain.Sources told The Wire that New Delhi submitted its statement on the Chagos question to The Hague-based ICJ on February 28, a day before the deadline.The ICJ was asked by the UN General Assembly to give its advisory opinion on whether UK’s continuing possession of Chagos was in violation of international law. The General Assembly had agreed through a resolution on June 22, 2017 to refer two questions to the UN’s main judicial organ to give their advisory opinion. India was one of the 94 countries that voted in favour of the resolution.Read it at The Wire Related Itemslast_img

Playing for India was more important than acting in films: Rahul Bose

first_imgPanaji, Nov 22 (IANS) Actor-filmmaker Rahul Bose says when he actively played rugby for India internationally, he chose films according to his sports calendar.Rahul, known for films like “English, August”, “Mr. and Mrs. Iyer”, “Chameli”, “Pyaar Ke Side Effects” and “15 Park Avenue”, was a part of a ‘Redefining Stories’ panel at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) here on Thursday.Asked about his transition from being an actor to a director, Rahul, who first helmed “Everybody Says I’m Fine” and then directed the 2017 film “Poorna”, said: “It was not calculative.””I had a story about a hairdresser who reads mind, and everybody says I’m fine, but when he cuts their hair, he hears their real stories, and nobody’s fine.”I just wrote the story, loved the story, turned it into a scene breakdown and a screenplay and then I said I want make it. There was no proof that I would be a good director. Many actors are not good directors. So, that’s how. There was no calculation.”He said the 16-year-gap between both his directorials testify that they were not calculative moves.”I just do what I want to do when I want to do it,” he said.Rugby is the only calculation, moderator and popular cinematographer Aseem Bajaj prodded Rahul.He said: “When I was playing for India, I would look at the rugby calendar and see the two main tournaments, and took up films only if they didn’t clash with both tournaments, because playing for India was more important for me than acting in films.”His work was met with an applause from the audience.Rahul further said that as an artiste, who has primarily dabbled in independent cinema, he has never “struggled”.”I was doing theatre in Mumbai. I did 4-6 plays. Dev Benegal and Uma D’Cunha saw me in a play, and they cast me in ‘English, August’. And I got one film after another.”I have played the lead in 36 films, and cameo and supporting roles in 3 films. So I have never had a ‘I don’t have a Godfather in the industry’ story. I don’t have a struggle story,” he said.Rahul further said he neither had to change his acting nor did he have to change his choices.”I didn’t have to compromise right from ‘English, August’ right up to ‘Poorna’, barring one or two films,” he said, adding that he has worked in Bengali, English, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi films.–IANSrb/nv/sedadvertisementlast_img read more

Decisive Victory for Queensland at Defence Nationals

first_imgAll the championships on offer are heading to the sunshine state after an emphatic final day performance by Queensland teams at the 2017 Defence Nationals in Brisbane.In the Men’s Open division, ACT/Country qualified for the big dance with a thrilling one touchdown victory over North Queensland in the Semi Final. The win set up a showdown with South Queensland A, the front runners all tournament and seeking an impressive sixth consecutive championship in a row nonetheless.If there were any thoughts that this game would be a walkover, they were quickly squashed with both teams scoring five touchdowns a piece in an enthralling try for try first half.In the second half the South Queensland boys got a small break thanks largely to Liam Ross’s third score for the match –  a feat that would earn him the Player of the Final and eventually get his side to hold on to claim a 9-7 victory – their sixth consecutive Men’s Open championship.In the Plate Final Northern Territory A faced Sydney Metro, with the men from the territory edging out Sydney Metro 6-4 to claim the Plate Final.Men’s Open Grand Final Results: Championship:  South Queensland A defeated ACT/Country (9-7)Plate Final: Northern Territory A defeated Sydney Metro (6 -4)Player of the Final: #4 Liam Ross (South Queensland A)Player of the Series: #23 Stephen Holmes (ACT/Country)In the Men’s 30s final it was an all-South Queensland affair with the undefeated South Queensland A team up against their B team teammates. The match was closer than many predicted thanks to a gutsy effort by South Queensland B, however South Queensland A showed their class led by Daniel Judas (Player of the Final) to eventually run out winners 8-5 and maintain their undefeated status.Men’s 30s Grand Final Results:Championship: South Queensland A defeated South Queensland B (8-5)Player of the Final: #5 Daniel Judas (South Queensland A)Player of the Series: #13 Matthew McKeon (South Queensland A)After success in both Men’s divisions South Queensland were looking to complete the trifecta in the Women’s Open division, however they were met by a formidable North Queensland outfit who had been mighty impressive all tournament in the Final.Despite a fighting performance by the southern girls, North Queensland proved far too strong in the final running away with the game in the second half to record a comfortable 8-2 victory.Sheree O’Grady was outstanding all tournament receiving both the Player of the Final and Series awards to go with her championship medallion.The win ensured a decisive victory for Queensland teams at this years nationals.Women’s Open Grand Final Results: North Queensland defeated South Queensland (8-2)Player of the Final: #1 Sheree O’Grady (North Queensland)Player of the Series: #1 Sheree O’Grady (North Queensland)Whilst South Queensland narrowly missed out on a clean sweep of all divisions they were duly recognized as the Champion CB for 2017. Northern Territory received the Most Improved CB.CB Awards Champion CB: South Queensland Defense Touch AssociationMost Improved CB: Northern Territory Defense Touch AssociationFinally, congratulations to following individuals who made the 2017 Defence Nationals Merit Teams in recognition of their outstanding performances throughout the tournament.2017 Defence Nationals Merit Teams Fran Hanson (Team Leader)Annette Coleman (Team Leader) Fran Hanson (Team Leader)Annette Coleman (Team Leader) Women’s Open Merit TeamSheree O’Grady (North Queensland)Amanda Thomas (North Queensland)Brooke Moselen (North Queensland)Courtney Kerr (North Queensland)Tanielle Larkin (North Queensland)Nicola Emsley (North Queensland)Nikki Hall (South Queensland)Sarah Patterson (South Queensland)Rebecca Ringma (South Queensland)Pauline Glassie (South Queensland)Melinda Mckeon (South Queensland)Sallyanne Reiners (South Queensland)Isobel Ponte (Sydney Metro)Mary Yakuac (Sydney Metro) Men’s Open Merit TeamStephen Holmes (ACT / Country)Matthew Bowker (ACT / Country)Owen Winkley (ACT / Country)Neil Wakeling (ACT / Country)Jonte Heirdsfield (ACT / Country)Gilbert Patterson (Sydney Metro)S Collinson (North Queensland)David Krause (North Queensland)B Kingston (North Queensland)Joshua Woo (South Queensland A)Jaruis Nolan (South Queensland A)Liam Ross (South Queensland A)Steven Johnson (South Queensland A)Sam Davidson (Northern Territory A)last_img read more

New Mock Draft Has Georgia QB Jake Fromm Going No. 1

first_img The Georgia quarterback has led the team to two straight SEC East titles, as well as the College Football Playoff as a freshman.As for Fromm’s potential destination, the Dolphins are currently expected to go through a rebuilding year. They hired first-year head coach Brian Flores, signed journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick in the off-season and traded for Rosen.Suffice it to say, it’s not too hard to believe that the Dolphins will want to make a big investment at the quarterback position in 2020.[CBS Sports] Jake From huddled up with his teammates before the National Championship game.ATLANTA, GA – JANUARY 08: Jake Fromm #11 of the Georgia Bulldogs huddles with his teammates before the start of the game against the Alabama Crimson Tide in the CFP National Championship presented by AT&T at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on January 8, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)The 2020 NFL Draft is widely viewed as having a glut of quarterbacks. With such stars as Tua Tagovailoa, Jalen Hurts, Justin Herbert, and Jacob Eason all on the radar, one quarterback appears to have set himself apart from the crowd.In a new mock draft from CBS Sports analyst Will Brinson, Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm is picked to go No. 1 overall to the Miami Dolphins. Brinson explained that while the Dolphins invested in Josh Rosen, it won’t prevent them from taking a quarterback.The Dolphins traded for Josh Rosen during the 2019 NFL Draft, and I think/hope he’ll work out in Miami, but I ultimately see a QB going first overall and Rosen wouldn’t prohibit them from taking someone they believe in like Fromm.Such a selection would make Fromm the first Georgia quarterback since Matthew Stafford to go first overall. He would also be only the fifth member of the Bulldogs to go No. 1 overall in draft history.Fromm has started 29 straight games for Georgia since his freshman season. In that span he has thrown for 5,376 yards, 54 touchdowns, only 13 interceptions, and completed 64.9-percent of his passes.last_img read more

Hyundai Heavy Sees First Strike in 18 Years

first_imgzoom Unionised workers at South Korea’s shipbuilding giant Hyundai Heavy Industries staged their first industrial action in almost two decades this Thursday when they walked out from a scheduled one hour of extra work after their regular eight-hour shift, the AFP reports. The union announced the walkout, which was supported by about 18,000 union members representing 70% of the workforce, after talks over wage dispute collapsed last Wednesday.“After today’s walkout, we will step up our action and may launch a strike involving all our members if the company continues to reject our demands,” Park Kyung-Soo, a union leader, reportedly told AFP.The wages talks failed after the company refused to meet the union’s demand for a 6.5% increase in basic pay and a one-off bonus amounting to 10 weeks’ wages.Hyundai Heavy argued the demands were unrealistic seeing that the company posted a USD 1.7 billion operating loss for the first nine months of 2014, also stating that an all-out strike would set the company back an estimated USD 90 million in production losses.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

Riverdale Producers Tease Upcoming Musical Episode

first_img“Riverdale” is about to get a little more musical.The hit series is set to air a big musical episode April 18, and at PaleyFest on Sunday the cast and crew gave fans a preview.Series showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacada revealed that the team has wanted to do a musical episode from the very beginning. Twitter Advertisement Login/Register With: LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment center_img Advertisement Facebook Advertisementlast_img


first_imgAdvertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Facebook Advertisement Toronto’s Mirian Njoh is a designer, model and digital content impresario who was ostracized because of her albinism. Now, with her blog, Ugly Duckling Diaries, she’s a muse to others who feels like the odd one out.Where I’m at style-wiseI always joke that, for me, getting dressed is the hardest part of the day. I think so deeply about fashion because I love it so much. I’d say my style is experimental, versatile, and a little bit street. Any time I’m lounging with friends or taking it easy, that’s an athleisure day. I’ll put on Nikes or cool sweats or something. If I have a meeting, I’ll be more put together—maybe some Ankara prints that are bright and colourful.DIY is in my DNAIt was a normal thing for me to see people making their own clothes: my grandma used to sew church clothes, formal and casual wear for my sisters and me, or make a quilt using scraps from old fabrics. My mom would make curtains. I ran with that DIY stuff, too. I wasn’t rich, so it was “if you can’t buy it, you have to make it.” I got a sewing machine when I was 13. That opened up a lot of my curiosity. I would go online to sewing blogs or read forums with people who reconstructed their old T-shirts into new clothes.center_img Login/Register With: Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

CAS Morocco to Play 2017 and 2019 African Cup of Nations

Rabat – The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has lifted on Thursday Morocco’s ban from participating in the 2017 and 2019 African Cup of Nations, which was imposed by the Confederation of African Football (CAF).CAS said that the “sanctions imposed by CAF on the FRMF have been set aside, with the exception of the fine, which is however reduced to $50,000.”The Confederation of African Football’s Executive Committee decided to ban Morocco from the next two African Nations Cup tournaments after asking to postpone the 2015 Afcon due to fears of the Ebola virus. Morocco was fined to pay a $1 million and was also ordered to pay 8 million euros in damages to CAF and its partners.

GOP activist sues Rhode Island over launch of sports betting

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A Republican activist is suing over sports betting in Rhode Island, saying the state should have sought voter approval before legalizing and launching it.Daniel Harrop said Thursday sports betting should stop pending a statewide referendum. Former Rhode Island Republican Party Chairman Brandon Bell and attorney Joe Larisa filed a lawsuit against state lottery officials Wednesday on behalf of Harrop, a member of the party’s central committee.Democratic Senate President Dominick Ruggerio has said legal advice says voters approved sports betting when they approved casino gambling. He’s confident Rhode Island would prevail in any challenge.Harrop says he’s not opposed to gambling, but believes the state must follow its constitution and ask voters whether gambling should expand.Rhode Island is the only New England state currently offering sports betting.The Associated Press read more

Kenyan farmers receive UN help to withstand drought prevent food crisis

13 October 2011The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is helping farmers in eastern Kenya make the necessary investments today to withstand drought and prevent food security crises tomorrow. The agency is assisting over 5,000 farming households terrace their fields to conserve rain water for crop use and prevent the soils from being washed away, as well as building simple dams for better harvesting of rain water, states a news release.In return for their labour, the farmers receive vouchers they can redeem for food and building materials for the community-owned dams.Dan Rugabira, FAO’s Representative in Kenya, said such efforts can help farmers “hold the line” and get back on their feet quickly amid bad weather. This particular area of Kenya is subject to intense bursts of rainfall, which can strip away fertile topsoil. Rainwater is lost through run-off, leaving seasonal river beds bone dry the rest of the year.“By building up farmers’ resilience to bad weather today, we help avoid crises tomorrow,” said Mr. Rugabira.FAO also noted that seed stocks in the region are almost depleted and high food and fuel prices have placed an additional strain, forcing families to eat fewer meals a day or to sell off livestock.However, the food situation in these parts of eastern Kenya, though difficult, is not as dire as in other areas of the country or in Somalia, which is facing a humanitarian crisis that is also affecting other parts of the Horn of Africa.“That is precisely why these types of projects are so crucial right now,” said Mr. Rugabira.“We provide families with vouchers they can exchange for basic household items or food while at the same time building vital infrastructure to improve their resilience, so they are not completely blindsided each time the rains fail.”Most people in this arid and semi-arid area of Kenya survive by farming small plots of land and raising livestock such as a few head of cattle or some goats or sheep.They depend on the rains to grow cereal crops such as sorghum, millet and maize, as well as grain legumes such as cowpeas, green grams, beans and pigeon peas. However, consecutive years of patchy rainfall mean that farmers here have not had a decent harvest in two – even three – seasons. read more

Treaty First Nation in BC votes to implement livingwage policy for workers

Treaty First Nation in B.C. votes to implement living-wage policy for workers by The Canadian Press Posted Oct 28, 2014 6:15 pm MDT PORT ALBERNI, B.C. – A Vancouver Island First Nation is implementing a living-wage policy, boosting the pay of some of its workers by almost $7 an hour.Port Alberni’s Huu-ay-aht (who-way-at) First Nation says members of the executive council voted to implement policy on Friday.Unlike a minimum wage, a living wage takes into account families’ needs to cover their basic expenses.The minimum wage in B.C. is $10.25 per hour, but the Huu-ay-aht say they have calculated the living wage for Port Alberni at $17.22 per hour or $33,579 annually.The Huu-ay-aht say it will become the first band in Canada to adopt such a policy and is following in the footsteps of the City of New Westminster which implemented a similar policy in May 2010.The band is one of five Maa-nulth First Nations, which implemented a modern-day treaty with the federal and provincial governments in 2011.“The treaty has given us the ability to make decisions based on our values and goals, and implement those decisions in accordance with our own laws,” says Coun. Tom Mexsis Happynook.“The living-wage policy shows how the treaty gives us the ability to chart our own future.” AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

New stamps for International Day of UN Peacekeepers unveiled

“On this day, we continue to honour the memory of those who gave their lives to the cause of peace, and pay tribute to all men and women who carry on their legacy by serving in the field,” the association said. “UNPA is proud to issue stamps that feature images of the important work of UN peacekeepers around the world.” The stamps will be issued jointly with the Austrian Post on Sunday, and a pre-launch ceremony will be held tomorrow at the World Stamp Show in New York, UNPA said. The UNPA said the stamps can be purchased at unstamps.org, as well as at UNPA stamp shops in New York, Geneva and Vienna. The International Day of UN Peacekeepers was established by the General Assembly in 2002 in tribute to all the men and women serving in peace operations for their high level of professionalism, dedication and courage, as well as to honour the memory of those who have lost their lives in the cause of peace. The Assembly designated 29 May as the Day because it was the date in 1948 when the UN Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO), the world body’s first peacekeeping mission, began operations in Palestine. The 2016 observance of the Day marks the eighth successive year in which the Organization has honoured more than 100 “Blue Helmets” who lost their lives in the previous year while serving the cause of peace. While the official Day is on 29 May, UN Headquarters in New York this year celebrated on 19 May, under the theme Honouring Our Heroes. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon presided over a wreath-laying ceremony in honour of the nearly 3,500 peacekeepers who have lost their lives while serving under the UN flag. He also presided over a ceremony during which the Dag Hammarskjöld Medal was awarded posthumously to the 129 military, police and civilian personnel who lost their lives while serving in peacekeeping operations during 2015. In addition, Mr. Ban led an inaugural ceremony to award the “Captain Mbaye Diagne Medal for Exceptional Courage. The first such medal was presented to the family of the late Captain Diagne, who saved hundreds of lives in 1994 while serving as a peacekeeper in Rwanda before succumbing to fatal injury incurred while on duty. In his message to mark the Day, the Secretary-General stressed that the confidence the world places in UN peacekeeping is reflected in its “massive growth” in recent years, in terms of both numbers and complexity. He noted that 15 years ago, the Organization had fewer than 40,000 military and police personnel. Today, more than 105,000 uniformed personnel from 124 troop- and police-contributing countries serve under the blue flag, alongside 18,000 international and civilian staff and UN volunteers. “They manifest the best attributes of global solidarity, courageously serving in dangerous environments to provide security to some of the world’s most vulnerable,” the Secretary-General said. UN offices, alongside Member States and non-governmental organizations, hold solemn events throughout 29 May to honour fallen peacekeepers. UN peacekeeping operations mark the Day each year by strengthening bonds with the local populations on whose behalf they serve. They hold sporting events, visits to schools and orphanages, art and essay competitions, photo exhibits, neighbourhood clean-ups, tree plantings, concerts, and conferences and workshops on peace issues. The events held around the world can be tracked under the hashtag #Together4Peace. read more

Louisville names Norton as Cardinals health care provider

Louisville student-athletes will also have online and mobile access to a nurse practitioner for non-urgent ailments. Athletic director Vince Tyra called it a “great day” in a release announcing the partnership.(Copyright 2019 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Louisville Cardinals athletics logo LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – Louisville has named Norton Healthcare as the Cardinals’ official health care provider.The partnership announced Thursday will provide medical support for all 23 sports programs, including physicals and network access to physicians, orthopedic surgeons and neurologists. Norton Sports Health will also help fund athletic trainers on the sidelines, campus training rooms and imaging equipment. The region’s largest health care provider will also offer mental health services with access to counseling and performance specialists.- Advertisement – read more

VIDEO Goal or no goal

← Previous Story TOP 30 TRANSFERS SUMMER 2014: Duvnjak and Omeyer lead the “golden list” Next Story → DOMINATION: FC Barcelona win IHF Super Globe 2014! SG Flensburg have suffered surprising defeat against Al Sadd at the IHF Super Globe semi-final in Doha, Qatar. Players of Ljubomir Vranjes had a chance to score for extra-time in the last attack, but the goal of Anders Eggert was disallowed. Find out why…

LaCie launches Philippe Starckdesigned Blade Runner 4TB hard drive

first_imgFor me, the look of an external hard drive isn’t of any great importance, but sometimes a new design appears that can’t fail to turn your head. LaCie’s new Blade Runner drive is one of those designs, and it’s all due to world famous designer Philippe Starck’s involvement.Starck has designed everything from interiors to toothbrushes, motorcycles, and street lights. But LaCie convinced him to use his talents on a hard drive housing (again), and the end result is the Blade Runner you see above and below.The Blade Runner is meant to represent an “angular cage-like shell” that poses the question of whether or not we can cage technology. The aluminum cage and blades are meant to act as a very effective cooling aid to help dissipate heat from the drive quickly while at the same time looking great on your desk.Inside you’ll find a 4TB hard drive accessible by a USB 3.0 connection. There’s also a single LED power button that glows orange to show drive activity. At $299, the custom-built Blade Runner isn’t cheap, but then it is aimed at the “design conscious consumer.” And as well as the 4TB local storage you also get access to 10GB additional cloud storage using Wuala.It may actually be hard to secure a Blade Runner as LaCie is only producing 9,999 of them, and the product page already says it’s out of stock. It also isn’t the first time Starck has used his design skills for LaCie. You may remember the Toaster hard drives released in 2009, which similarly turned heads.More at LaCielast_img read more

Fair City is having an allfemale episode and theyre all heading to

first_img 46 Comments Source: RTÉ Fair City/Twitter Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share59 Tweet Email3 Short URL TONIGHT’S EPISODE OF Fair City is to feature an all-female cast to mark International Women’s Day.In a first for the RTÉ soap, no men will feature in an episode with about a dozen female cast members sharing the screen time.The premise sees the women locked in McCoy’s pub with RTÉ saying that “the cocktails flow” as the night progresses.“We have been planning this for a long time,” executive producer Brigie deCourcy told Morning Ireland. http://jrnl.ie/3276249 Source: RTÉ – IRELAND’S NATIONAL PUBLIC SERVICE MEDIA/YouTubeAs part of further shows based around International Women’s Day, RTÉ will also broadcast an hour-long documentary tomorrow called Women on Walls.The programme focuses on the first four female members of the Royal Irish Academy as well as eight living female scientist in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths.Read: The pay difference between Irish men and women is getting bigger >Read: What Irish women want: ‘We must demand what is right and challenge what is frightening’ > By Rónán Duffy Wednesday 8 Mar 2017, 9:48 AM We are delighted to have an all female #FairCity episode on March 8th to mark #InternationalWomensDay #herecomethegirls! pic.twitter.com/PlOdo9byZ0— RTÉ Fair City (@RTEFairCity) March 6, 2017 We worked out about six months ago that we had a range of storylines that were being driven by women. So we thought it’d be great fun to have them all collide on the one night.DeCourcy says the plot has been “slightly orchestrated” to get all the women in the same place but that the episode will see a number of storylines coming to a head.“There are no men, they are off looking after the babies or they’re taking a little holiday or they’re at the other end of the phone, and we have about 11 or 12 of our really strong female characters fighting it out,”So there’ll be slaps and there’ll be secrets and there’ll be lies and there’ll be reveals and there’ll be lots of dancing. Fair City is having an all-female episode… and they’re all heading to the pub The show is celebrating International Women’s Day. 18,557 Views Mar 8th 2017, 9:48 AM last_img read more

La plus grande collection de chants et sons danimaux débarque sur Internet

first_imgLa plus grande collection de chants et sons d’animaux débarque sur InternetLe laboratoire d’ornithologie de l’université américaine de Cornell, dans l’État de New York, a numérisé sur son site Internet pas moins de 150.000 enregistrements appartenant à quelque 9.000 espèces animales.Savez-vous à quoi ressemble le chant d’une bécassine de Wilson ou d’un canard Fuligule à tête rouge ? Non ? Eh bien désormais il est possible de le savoir en quelques clics ! L’université américaine de Cornell qui possède un formidable laboratoire d’ornithologie a décidé de partager les très nombreux enregistrements de chants de toutes sortes d’espèces animales dont elle dispose. Pour en faire profiter tout le monde, les chercheurs ont ainsi mis sur leur site internet quelque 150.000 enregistrements appartenant à pas moins de 9.000 espèces. Il aura fallu une douzaine d’années pour numériser l’équivalent de 7.513 heures de sons, soit plus de 10 terabytes de données ! D’ores et déjà disponibles sur le site de la bibliothèque Macauley du laboratoire d’ornithologie, ces chants comportent aussi bien celui de lémurs que d’un morse, d’oiseaux, de baleines, de pingouin ou de reinettes. Le plus vieil enregistrement numérisé date du 18 mai 1929 et offre durant 9 secondes les vocalises d’un Bruant chanteur écouté au Stewart Park d’Ithaca.”Notre collection audio est la plus grande et la plus vieille du monde. Maintenant, c’est aussi la plus accessible”, a expliqué dans un communiqué Mike Webster, directeur de la bibliothèque. “Nous travaillons pour améliorer les fonctions de recherche et créer des outils que les personnes pourraient utiliser pour collecter les enregistrements et les télécharger directement dans les archives. Notre but est de rendre la bibliothèque Macaulay la plus utile possible pour le public”, a t-il ajouté.Des sons et chants utiles à tous À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Aujourd’hui, chaque enregistrement est présenté en mentionnant le nom de l’animal, la date d’enregistrement, le lieu et l’auteur de la captation, de même que l’habitat de l’animal au moment de l’enregistrement. La référence du fichier, sa localisation sur une carte et le type de son sont également précisés. Ainsi, la banque pourrait rendre de grands services à des publics très différents, chercheurs, amateurs d’oiseaux, réalisateurs de films voire développeurs d’applications.”Maintenant que nous avons numérisé les enregistrements auparavant archivés, l’équipe des archives se concentre sur du matériel nouveau fourni par des enregistreurs amateurs ou professionnels à travers le monde pour véritablement construire une collection”, a commenté de son côté Greg Budney, conservateur audio. “De plus, c’est juste un vrai plaisir d’écouter ces sons. Avez-vous déjà entendu le son d’un morse sous l’eau ? C’est un son incroyable”.Pour découvrir la fameuse collection, rendez-vous sur le site : http://macaulaylibrary.org/Le 2 février 2013 à 10:59 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more