Personal Directives Act Takes Effect

first_imgNova Scotians are encouraged to create their own personal directive to outline their wishes for care decisions if they are unable to make them. The Personal Directives Act takes effect Thursday, April 1. The act allows people to put their personal care wishes in writing and to appoint a delegate to make decisions on their behalf. Instructions will be followed when the person may no longer be capable of making the decisions because of illness or injury. “The Personal Directives Act will make a difference in the lives of many Nova Scotians,” said Health Minister Maureen MacDonald. “This act can help patients, their loved ones and health-care professionals, by removing doubt, conflict and uncertainty during difficult and emotional times.” This new law makes it easier for all Nova Scotians to express their wishes and to appoint someone they trust to make decisions regarding their health and personal care. Health care, nutrition, residence, clothing, hygiene, safety, comfort, recreation andsupport services are examples of matters that can be expressed in a personal directive, without requiring the assistance of a lawyer. “Many of us can relate to the unfortunate experience of having a loved one reach a state where they have to rely on others for assistance in making key decisions,” said Justice Minister Ross Landry. “Before we reach that point, a personal directive can assist all of us. We should all take the initiative to prepare for a time when we may become vulnerable.” The legislation also provides instruction on the choice of a substitute decision-maker for health care decisions, if a personal directive has not been created. “It is a sad fact of life that sometimes illness or injury occurs suddenly and without warning,” said Community Services Minister Denise Peterson-Rafuse. “This legislation will allow people a further measure of control at a time when they may otherwise unable to communicate their wishes and values.” Nova Scotians can find the instructions and forms necessary for preparing a personal directive at .last_img read more


first_img Login/Register With: LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Facebook Advertisement The votes are in: Ziya Tong is the winner of Canada Reads 2019. In a tense finale, the book she defended, Holocaust memoir By Chance Alone by Max Eisen, survived the final elimination vote on March 28, 2019.The science journalist and author successfully presented her case about why 2016 memoir By Chance Alone — in which Holocaust survivor Eisen relives his traumatic memories of when he and his family were deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp during the Second World War — is the one book that will move all Canadians.Tong beat out runner-up Homes, Abu Bakr al Rabeeah with Winnie Yeung‘s powerful memoir of how a young teen emerged from a Middle East war zone and found safety in Canada. Homes was defended by Simple Plan drummer Chuck Comeau. Advertisement Ziya Tong, defending By Chance Alone by Max Eisen, won Canada Reads 2019. (CBC) Twitter Advertisementlast_img read more

Teranga Gold receives UN Global Compact Network Canada Sustainability Award

first_imgTeranga Gold Corp has been named a Canadian Sustainable Development Goal award winner through public voting by the UN Global Compact Network Canada as recognition for its efforts in advancing the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within its core business strategy.“As the first industrial gold mine in Senegal, we feel it is important to set the benchmark for responsible mining in the country,” stated Richard Young, President and Chief Executive Officer of Teranga. “This award from the United Nations Global Compact Network Canada supported by all of our voters validates our hard work and the tremendous progress we have made to-date in addressing the needs of the local communities in the areas of food security, youth education and training, and sustainable economic growth, which are the pillars of our Teranga Regional Development Strategy (TDS).“We are proud of the progress we have made in implementing the TDS and its 78 actions which were established to address the community’s short and long-term sustainable development requirements. Through the TDS, we have integrated the SDGs best practices into all aspects of the mine life cycle from mitigating our impacts on the environment and our communities to sharing the benefits through our social fund investments, local procurement practices and long-term development partnerships,” he added.Teranga puts significant time and resources into initiatives that address the highest priority needs of the Kedougou and Tambacounda regions, the areas surrounding its operations, facilitating the advancement of the specific SDGs outlined below:• SDG #2 “No Hunger”:  In an effort to develop local agriculture and food security, Teranga has created a market garden program that helps more than 600 women from the local communities create sustainable livelihoods. As well, the company is working with the communities to improve animal health and husbandry skills, particularly in the poultry sector, through the donation of equipment and technical services.• SDG #4 ” Quality Education”:  Teranga is a strong advocate of local youth education, providing a number of bursaries (to high school and secondary level students), hands-on vocational skills training (focusing on agricultural skills and technical maintenance), and equipment and infrastructure to schools benefiting 1,850 pupils.• SDG #8 ” Good Jobs and Economic Growth”  : Teranga employs 1,032 Senegalese out of a total 1,126 employees, of which 52% are specifically from the Kedougou and Tambacounda regions. The company prioritizes employee progression and promotion over external hiring, with close to 200 employees having progressed and or been promoted in 2015. Over 40 training programs ranging from literacy to business skills development are provided to employees. Teranga is also focused on sustainable economic growth initiatives, such as the revival of the once prolific cotton industry and local procurement skills development, that will provide economic benefits well beyond its life of mine.• SDG #17 ” Partnerships for the Goals”:  Teranga has consummated long-term partnerships with Canadian and Senegalese governments, NGOs and other organizations focused on regional development. Its partnership with Global Affairs Canada resulted in the creation of the Canadian Cooperation Roundtable and the completion of Kedougou’s departmental development plans, making Kedougou the first Senegalese region to prepare the groundwork for regional socio-development.Teranga has also been acknowledged by the Corporate Knights Future 40 Responsible Corporate Leaders in Canada for three consecutive years and in 2015 was ranked 17th. Teranga is a member of the UN Global Compact and a leading member of the multi-stakeholder group responsible for the submission of the first ever Senegalese Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) revenue report. Teranga publishes an annual Responsibility Report in accordance with its commitments under the UN’s Global Compact and in alignment with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. To see its 2015 Responsibility Report, visit United Nations 17 SDGs address the most important environmental, social, and economic challenges of our time. The SDG Awards aim to recognize the outstanding efforts of Canadian businesses that are putting Canada and the world on a more sustainable path by advancing these goals. For more information on the United Nations SDGs, visit read more

Man found guilty of murdering 5yearold April Jones

first_imgMARK BRIDGER HAS been found guilty today of abducting and murdering five-year-old girl April Jones, whose disappearance in Wales last year sparked one of the biggest searches in Britain’s history.Bridger, 47, had denied murdering the girl, who vanished while playing near her home in the market town of Machynlleth last October.The former slaughterhouse worker claimed he accidentally ran her over with his Land Rover and then could not remember what he had done with the body.But a jury today convicted him of abducting and murdering the 5-year-old and of unlawfully disposing of and concealing her body with intent to pervert the course of justice.He will be sentenced later today.The body of the little girl, who had mild cerebral palsy, has never been found despite hundreds of members of the public joining the police search of the mountainous area criss-crossed by rivers.Ed Beltrami, the chief prosecutor for Wales, said after the verdict that Bridger was a “violent, cold-hearted murderer and a calculated liar.”“Ever since his first interview with police in October last year, Mark Bridger has relentlessly spun a web of lies and half-truths to try and distance himself from the truly horrific nature of the crime he perpetrated,” Beltrami said.The trial, which lasted more than one month, heard that he had watched a cartoon of a young girl being raped hours before Jones went missing.Blood and tiny bone fragments found at Bridger’s cottage were a near-perfect match with her DNA, the court heard.- © AFP 2013.Read: Man accused of murdering April Jones (5) kept pictures of her on laptop>Read: Man accused of murdering April Jones ‘approached her sister on Facebook’>last_img read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab Return Rates InflatedBy A LOT

first_imgEarlier in the week, work got out that Samsung Galaxy Tab buyers were returning the device at a rather unnerving rate of 15 percent (16 percent in some reports). Most jumped on the number as yet another example of how Samsung’s tablet was failing in its uphill fight against the Apple iPad (which has a return rate of around two percent). Samsung has responded to the figure, stating the number is pure fiction. The company posted a two sentence response in Korean on an official company blog, stating, The return rate of the Galaxy Tab in the US as claimed by an North American marketresearch firm is incorrect. According to Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications Business, the return rate is below two percent. Below two percent? This isn’t the case of stretching the truth. Someone, it seems, is outright lying here. The gap between 15 and “less than two” isn’t the sort of thing that can be bridged with a little fuzzy math…last_img read more

Is the data on your phone secure Heres how to make sure

first_img Share Tweet Email7 Tuesday 2 May 2017, 12:50 PM IT’S ALWAYS A concern whether your phone’s data is secure or not.The devices hold so much personal information and sensitive data that if yours fell into the wrong hands, or was compromised, it could spell trouble. From photos to audio files, videos to your Facebook account, we hold a lot of sensitive data on our smartphones. And they can be easily stolen or lost.At the same time, our phones are equipped with different features that can help keep things secure. If you combine these with a little diligence on your own part, you can ensure that your data is as safe as possible. Source: Shutterstock/SFIO CRACHOUse a lock functionLet’s start with the basics. If you’re not already using some form of lock screen security, then it doesn’t matter what type of measures you put in place if someone can physically access your data.Fixing this is easier than ever thanks to fingerprint scanners now coming as standard on new devices but as a backup, you should complement it with a password or pattern.That way if someone does get their hands on your phone, there’s less chance of them unlocking it.Activate Find my PhoneBoth iOS and Android have offered this feature for many years and it’s useful for two reasons. The first is knowing where your phone is. If you misplaced it, you can find its location or ring it, while the other allows you to wipe your phone remotely.If you feel your phone has fallen into the wrong hands, this is a handy option to have as you can access Find My Phone through your web browser.Use a password managerPassword managers are incredibly handy to have. Not only do they save you from having to remember numerous passwords – you only have to remember one master password which is much easier – the random passwords one can create are much stronger than the ones you come up with yourself.Services like LastPass (iOS and Android) and 1Password (iOS and Android) have desktop, app and browser extensions for you to use so if you want to improve your account security, this is the way to do it.Activate two-factor authenticationAll major apps and services now offer two-factor authentication, so you’ve no excuse not to use it.What it does is add an extra layer to the log-in process, requiring a randomly generated code on top of your username and password.The two recommended apps to use are Authy (iOS and Android) or Google Authenticator (iOS and Android), neither of which require your phone to have an internet connection.It’s recommended you avoid using SMS to receive codes as this can be easily hijacked. If you’re unsure which apps are covered, resources like 2FA let you search and see if your favourite apps are covered. Source: Shutterstock/LOFTFLOWLook at app permissionsSome apps require access to certain features on your phone – for example, Instagram requires access to your camera and photos as the app is designed around photography – but others might ask for permissions that aren’t entirely clear.Even if they do, sometimes you might not want the app to have access to certain features so it’s best to go into your phone settings and manage permissions.You can do this in Settings, usually found under Privacy (iOS) or Apps > specific app > Permissions (Android).More importantly, think about the function of each app and why it would require a certain permission. WhatsApp would require access to contact details as it’s linked to your phone number or email, but such a permission wouldn’t be necessary if you were playing a game.If you’re unsure, check the maker’s site to see if it explains why it asks for certain permissions. If it doesn’t, you probably should remove it.Understand cookiesAt this point, you’ve seen notifications for cookies anytime you’ve visited a site.When one is created for a site you visit, it keeps track of your visit so the next time you return, it knows and can then adjust the content you see to reflect this.Some people feel cookies can be intrusive so if you want, you can block them entirely by going into your browser’s privacy settings, or by using incognito mode the next time you’re in a browser.Keep your phone and apps updatedMuch noise surrounds any major iOS or Android update, but there are smaller updates released throughout the year.It’s important to download these as each one includes important security fixes which keep your data safe.Updating Android devices is a bit trickier as there are so many versions of it out there, but you should keep a note of what devices you’re using and regularly check whether updates have been released for them in Settings.The same applies for apps so when an update arrives, it’s best to install it as soon as you can or activate auto-update. Likewise, only download apps from trusted locations like the App Store and Google Play.Use secure messaging servicesWhile it’s been a staple of messaging for many years, SMS is an insecure medium and you shouldn’t ever send any sensitive information through it.Instead, you should rely on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp which offers end-to-end encryption for every message sent. Facebook Messenger also has a secret conversation option although it’s hidden away in the app (when you’re in a chat, tapping on the person’s name brings up options where secret conversations is).If you want to go a step further, you could use a fully secure messaging app like or Signal (iOS and Android) or Threema (iOS and Android) which uses more stringent methods to keep your messages secure.Should you use a VPN?What a VPN does is instead of communicating directly with a site, it will route your traffic through one or more servers before connecting you.That way you’re not directly connected to an end service. That’s why internet speeds tend to be a bit slower than normal because of the rerouted traffic.While VPNs make it harder to be tracked, they don’t make you invisible and if someone really wanted to find you, they could. If you do opt for one, use a paid service instead of a free one as the latter normally track your data in some form and aren’t as fast.If you’re concerned about your browsing habits being tracking, it’s usually better to browse in incognito mode. It doesn’t disguise you completely, but it prevents cookies from being stored.Are you concerned about data security? Let us know in the comments.Live A Better Life: The series so far> Want more? Get this wellness series emailed to you every Friday this month: 7,097 Views By Quinton O’Reillycenter_img Is the data on your phone secure? Here’s how to make sure it is Security is always a major concern but you have the tools to help prevent the worst from happening. 12 Comments May 2nd 2017, 12:50 PM Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Drag race driver not guilty

first_imgA 22-year-old man accused of causing the deaths of Greek Australian teens George Loizou and Peter Stavrou, has been found not guilty in the County Court of Victoria. Simon Farrugia of King’s Park in Melbourne’s west, was acquitted of four counts of culpable driving causing death and one count of reckless conduct endangering the life of his passenger, Mahmut Temurci. The jury took less than a day to reach its verdict. Farrugia had been accused of drag-racing along the West Gate Freeway with friend Hasan Burke at speeds of up to 150km/h, immediately before Mr Burke’s car crashed and burst into flames killing him, Salih Niyazi, 18, Loizou and Stavrou, both 17. The group had been heading back from Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula when the crash occurred around 6:40 pm on December 9, 2007. George Loizou’s sister Anna Loizou, told the Herald Sun she was relieved Farrugia had avoided jail. “I think time in prison wouldn’t have achieved anything, because people are still going to drive like idiots,” she said, indicating that she believed stricter hoon laws and tighter road policing would do more to solve the problem. “[George] would not have wanted him [Farrugia] to go to jail. That’s not the sort of person he was,” she said. The prosecution had argued that Farrugia had aided and abetted Burke in the crash by racing him across the West Gate Bridge, a claim that defence witness Mahmut Temurci, Farrugia’s passenger, denied. Both the Loizou and Stavrou families declined to comment to Neos Kosmos. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

IBM bénéficie de renforts dans le cadre du projet Battery 500

first_imgIBM bénéficie de renforts dans le cadre du projet Battery 500Les sociétés IBM, Asahi Kasei et Central Glass vont unir leurs compétences pour construire une batterie équipant les voitures électriques du futur.IBM a annoncé vendredi dernier que deux leaders des technologies chimiques, Asahi Kasei et Central Glass vont prendre part au projet Battery 500, visant a développer une batterie lithium-air pour les voitures électriques.Ce projet avait été lancé en 2009 mais l’arrivée de solides renforts laissent penser qu’il devrait passer à la vitesse supérieure. La firme Asahi Kasei est spécialiste en produits chimiques et en élaboration de produits scientifiques. Quant à Central Glass, la firme s’est distinguée jusqu’ici en fabricant de l’électrolyte que l’on trouve dans les batteries lithium-ion.Le projet Battery 500 d’IBM doit permettre de construire une voiture électrique qui bénéficiera d’une autonomie de 500 miles, l’équivalent de 800 kilomètres. La recharge de telles batteries est, pour l’instant, problématique mais nul doute que l’alliance des 3 sociétés rendra la tâche plus aisée. Ce type de batterie ne sera pas opérationnel avant 2020 et même peut-être 2030…Le 23 avril 2012 à 10:30 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Robots to Build Robots at Shanghai Factory

first_img Evan Rachel Wood Just As Disturbed by Humanoid Sophia As Everyone ElseMIT’s Thread-Like Robot Slides Through Blood Vessels In the Brain Stay on target Still not convinced by the coming of the robot apocalypse?Swedish-Swiss automation company ABB Group plans to build a factory where cyborgs build themselves.The end is nigh.The technology firm on Saturday announced a $150 million investment in Shanghai to open an automated and flexible machine shop—”a cutting-edge center where robots make robots.”Located in Kangqiao, near ABB’s China robotics campus, the new center is already being advertised as a “factory of the future.” It is expected to being operating by the end of 2020.ABB Group plan to build the “world’s most advanced,” automated, and flexible robotics factory (via ABB Group)Since the end of the Cultural Revolution in the 1970s, China has made significant investments in science and technology. Last year, one of every three robots sold worldwide went to the East Asian country (for a total of nearly 138,000 units), according to ABB.“China’s commitment to transform its manufacturing is a torchlight for the rest of the world,” CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer said in a statement.“Its strategic embrace of the latest technologies for artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, and cloud-based computing present a playbook for every country that wishes to have a globally competitive manufacturing base,” he continued. “Shanghai has become a vital center for advanced technology leadership.”(Case in point: Starbucks in December opened its first augmented reality experience in a Shanghai-based restaurant.)As described by ABB, the new factory will feature a number of machine learning, digital, and collaborative solutions; an onsite R&D center will help accelerate innovations in artificial intelligence.ABB logistics automation solutions will be used throughout the plant, including automatic guided vehicles that follow robots as they move through production.“The concept behind this factory and is the same advice we give our customers every day: Invest in automation solutions that provide flexibility and agility to grow in whichever direction the market goes,” Sami Atiya, president of ABB’s Robotics and Motion division, said.Once open, the workshop will produce a reported 100,000 robots per year.More robotics coverage on Replace Waiters at Chinese Restaurant ChainJellyfish Robot to Monitor Delicate Ocean CreaturesReplace the Nanny With China’s iPal Robot Companionlast_img read more

Collector ordered for closure of sand reach in Rajampet Mandal

first_imgKadapa: District Collector CH. Harikiran has issued instructions for closure of Seshamambapuram sand reach for 48 hours till upgrading the maintenance register. The collector who conducted surprise checkup in the Seshamambapuram sand reach located in Rajampet mandal on Wednesday flared on technical assistant M.Sivasankar of his failure in maintaining the records in proper manner. Also Read – Three of a family commits suicide at Amalapuram in East Godavari Advertise With Us During the verification collector spotted several irregularities in the registers like huge variation between actual price specified by the government for each tractor of sand and collected amounts from the consumers, issuing receipts without verifying original letters, permitting sand more than requirement etc. Speaking the occasion collector ordered the 3 committee members (local Tahsildar, MPDO, Station House officer) to inspect the sand raches every two days to avoid irregularities. Also Read – Saaho movie tickets pricey in Nellore Advertise With Us Later collector visited the house of farmer M.Ramamohan Nagavaram village of Chewel mandal who recently committed suicide, condoled his family members and handed over Rs 7lakhs cheque to the deceased wife M.Nagaratnamma. He said farmers not to committed suicides as government is committed to extend all support to them. He said that under Rythu Barosa programme Rs 12,500 will be paid to the farmers from this Rabi season for agriculture operations.last_img read more

Libyan navy rescues 62 illegal immigrants

first_imgTripoli, Aug 4 : Libyan coast guards on Saturday rescued 62 illegal immigrants off the country’s western coast, said the Libyan anti-illegal immigration department. “A coat guards patrol rescued 62 illegal immigrants on a rubber boat that broke down at sea,” the department said in a statement, Xinhua news agency reported. The rescued immigrants are of different African and Asian nationalities, the statement said. Also Read – US judge dismissed criminal case against Jeffrey Epstein Advertise With Us The immigrants have been to Tripoli naval base and then to Tripoli anti-illegal immigrants division, it added. A few days ago, the Libyan Red Crescent recovered 60 bodies of illegal immigrants drowned last week in east of the capital Tripoli. Because of the insecurity and chaos, Libya is a preferred point of departure for illegal immigrants wanting to cross the Mediterranean toward Europe, many of whom drown on the way. Improved weather conditions increase the flows of illegal immigrants toward Europe, particularly off western Libyan coast.last_img read more

Two women stabbed to death in Marseille knife attack

first_imgThis picture obtained on the twitter account of Stan Marcelja and taken on 1 October 2017 shows French police on the stairs leading to the Saint-Charles main train station in Marseille, southern France, after a man armed with a knife killed two people. Photo: AFPA suspected Islamist knifeman killed two women at the main train station in the French Mediterranean city of Marseille on Sunday before being shot dead by soldiers patrolling there, local officials and police said.One of the victims was fatally stabbed while the other had her throat slit by the assailant who is believed to have shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest) at the start of his rampage, a source close to the investigation told AFP on condition of anonymity.Soldiers posted in the station as part of a special force set up to guard vulnerable areas in terror-hit France responded to the stabbings in front of the station and shot the man dead, local officials said.Armed police were deployed afterwards and the grand and ornate rail terminus in the bustling heart of France’s second-biggest city was evacuated, stopping all train traffic on one of the country’s busiest lines.”Two victims have been stabbed to death,” regional police chief Olivier de Mazieres told AFP, referring to the attack which occurred at 1:45 pm (1145 GMT).The latest deaths came with France still on high alert and in a state of emergency following a string of attacks in recent years by extremists linked to the Islamic State group or Al-Qaeda.Since 2015, a total of 239 people have been killed in France by jihadists, according to an AFP count before Sunday’s incident.After the stabbings, anti-terror prosecutors said they had opened an investigation into “killings linked to a terrorist organisation” and the “attempted killing of a public official”.- New anti-terror law -The incident came only days after the Islamic State (IS) group released a recording of what it said was its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi urging his followers to strike their enemies in the West.France has deployed troops and its air force to the Middle East and is a leading partner in the US-led international coalition fighting IS in Iraq and Syria, where the jihadists are being driven back.France has suffered several major terror attacks since 2015, including on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in January followed by an assault on Paris bars and the Bataclan concert hall by gunmen in November of that year.A killing spree in Nice in July 2016 left 86 people dead when an extremist drove a truck into crowds after a fireworks display on Bastille Day.But there have also been numerous smaller attacks on police officers, soldiers or members of the public since then, sometimes carried out by people with severe psychological problems.Since November 2015, the country has been in a state of emergency which gives the government and security forces greater powers to combat extremists and launch anti-terror raids.- Controversial security law -New centrist President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to end the state of emergency with a new and controversial security law that will make many of the provisions of the emergency regime permanent.Despite criticism from rights groups that the law reduces judicial oversight over the actions of the police, the lower house of parliament is set to vote on a first draft of the law on Tuesday.French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb posted on Twitter that he would travel to Marseille on Sunday.In August, a man driving a van killed one person and seriously injured another after ploughing into a bus stop in Marseille, raising fears of another terror incident.But doctors said later that the man had severe mental problems and discounted any terror link.The soldiers who shot the knifeman on Sunday were part of the Operation Sentinelle force composed of 7,000 troops who guard high-risk areas such as transport hubs, tourist sites and religious buildings.last_img read more

From Misconceptions To Discrimination Houston AIDS Pioneers Share Their Stories

first_img X The doctor walked in and asked Rodney Mills a blunt question: “How are you going to treat your HIV?”That’s how the Houstonian got the shocking diagnosis. It was Valentine’s Day 1991. The diagnosis would be difficult for anyone but was especially shocking for Mills because he thought only gay white men got the disease. He’s a heterosexual African American.To deal with the new fear and stress he faced, Mills got counseling from The Montrose Center. To deal with the medical aspects of his new diagnosis, he received medical care from the Thomas Street Clinic, Harris County’s facility for AIDS care. He went on to volunteer there, working to cut wait times and improve the patient experience. He’s also served on the HIV Heterosexual Task Force to raise awareness in minority communities that HIV impacts those beyond the LGBT community.Dr. Adan Rios knows a few things about treating HIV/AIDS too. In the 1980s, he worked at MD Anderson’s Houston’s Institute of Immunological Disorders, the first hospital in the U.S. dedicated solely to AIDS patients and AIDS research. He says he witnessed shocking discrimination against patients with AIDS in those days.Tori Williams saw plenty of that discrimination too, firsthand. She was a pioneering activist and social worker at the forefront of the response to AIDS in the mid-1980s. For the last 17 years, she’s served as director of support for the Ryan White Planning Council and is a co-founder of The Oral History Project at Rice University, which is collecting and preserving the experiences of people impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Houston and Southeast Texas.On this World AIDS Day, Mills, Rios, and Williams share their experiences and talk about the challenges those with HIV/AIDS in Greater Houston still face today. Listen 00:00 /21:16 To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Sharelast_img read more

Jack the Rippers Identity May Finally be Known Thanks to DNA

first_imgA new round of scientific tests of a shawl reputedly carried by a woman killed by Jack the Ripper reinforces an author’s claim that the serial murderer was an insane Polish barber named Aaron Kosminski. But this news has not yet been widely accepted. Any theory of the identity of Jack the Ripper inevitably is met with furious debate, and this theory — and its supporting scientific evidence — is no exception. Kosminski has always been on the list of suspects. But this “proof” is questionable.Aaron Kosminski was a Polish immigrant who police suspected at the time of being the murderer. In 1888, he was in his early twenties, living with his two brothers and a sister on Greenfield Street, just 200 yards from where Elizabeth Stride, one of the victims, was found dead on September 30th.Illustration ‘Jack the Ripper’ 1888It is the shawl supposedly belonging to the fourth victim, Catherine Eddowes, that led to this announcement. Author Russell Edwards, who first revealed that he was in possession of the shawl in 2014, said that it contained genetic material from both Eddowes and Kosminski. He bought the shawl at a 2007 auction.Kosminski’s identity was reportedly confirmed by researchers from Liverpool John Moores University who shared their recent findings in the Journal of Forensic Sciences.The 1894 memorandum written by Sir Melville Macnaghten, Assistant Chief Constable of the London Metropolitan Police, naming ‘Kosminski’ as one of three suspects in the Jack the Ripper case. The other two suspects he named were Montague Druitt and Michael Ostrog.“We applied novel, minimally destructive techniques for sample recovery from forensically relevant stains on the evidence and separated single cells linked to the suspect, followed by phenotypic analysis,” they wrote. “The mtDNA profiles of both the victim and the suspect matched the corresponding reference samples, fortifying the link of the evidence to the crime scene.”“Genomic DNA from single cells recovered from the evidence was amplified, and the phenotypic information acquired matched the only witness statement regarded as reliable. To our knowledge, this is the most advanced study to date regarding this case.”Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum, North London. Kosminski was an inmate from 1891 to 1894. Photo by Christine Matthews CC BY-SA 2.0Jack the Ripper is believed to have murdered five women in the Whitechapel district of London, ending with the horrific killing of Mary Jane Kelly on November 9, 1888.A new book titled The Five is drawing a great deal of attention, with its emphasis on the lives of those women. The author, historian Hallie Rubenhold, said in an interview with The Vintage News, “My book is the first full-length biography which looks at the five women’s lives in detail, apart from their murders or the story of the murderer. It also adds badly needed context to the women’s lives. For over 130 years, our society has been more interested in solving the murders than it has been in looking at those who were murdered.”The “From Hell” Letter written by Jack The Ripper postmarked 15 October 1888.Any narrative on Jack the Ripper always begins with the horrific murders of these women. “The narrative was not concerned with who they were, but generally regarded their deaths as a way of figuring out the identity of the murderer,” said Rubenhold. “By understanding their lives, we can now insert their stories back into this episode of history and make it less about the murderer and more of a well-rounded story about the people and the community who were effected by these terrible events.”The Kosminski family was a part of that community without question. On July 12, 1890, Kosminski’s brother placed him in a workhouse because of his behavior. He was released soon after but the following February his family committed him again, and this time he was transferred to an asylum. It was noted as part of his admission that he had threatened his sister with a knife. He died in an asylum in 1919.Newspaper broadsheet referring to the Whitechapel murderer as Leather Apron, September 1888Kosminski, who suffered from auditory hallucinations, feared food, and would not wash or bathe, does not fit the image some people have of a mastermind sadist able to elude police in the densely populated Whitechapel. Nor does he seem capable of sending a series of taunting letters to the press and police signed “Jack the Ripper.”The most famous of those letters is the “Dear Boss” missive, sent to the Metropolitan Police on September 29th, beginning with “I keep on hearing the police have caught me but they wont fix me just yet. I have laughed when they look so clever and talk about being on the right track.” Another was sent on October 1st in the same handwriting, “You’ll hear about Saucy Jack’s work tomorrow double event this time…”Sign of the ‘Jack the Ripper Tour’ in London, UK. Photo by Pierre André CC BY-SA 4.0Although the letter indicates knowledge of murdering Stride and Eddowes, it could have been written and posted after those murders were common knowledge.Moreover, some experts take the position that the letters were a hoax, or written by a reporter to increase newspaper circulation.Kosminski was a suspect at the time of the murders and an eyewitness on the scene identified him, but he was never arrested.Jack the Ripper’s BedroomIn an article about Kosminski written by Dr. Frederick Walker and posted on the Jack the Ripper Casebook, he writes, “Aaron Kosminski is one of only two suspects (the other being Joseph Barnett) against whom there is real evidence or testimony. The case against Kosminski is stronger than many of us who believe in alternate theories are generally prepared to admit — it is even stronger than those who suspect Kosminski usually dare to argue.”The problem with the shawl is that it is never been verified that it belonged to Catherine Eddowes. The shawl was obtained from David Melville-Hayes, who is the great-great nephew of Amos Simpson — an acting sergeant in the London police who it is said recovered the shawl from the Eddowes crime scene. The weakness in this chain of evidence is, skeptics say, the shawl was not listed as evidence at the time of the murder.Nonetheless, Jari Louhelainen of Liverpool John Moores University said in the report he has linked some of the DNA from the stains to the genetic signature of Eddowes’ distant relatives. Another DNA signature, purportedly attributed to semen on the scarf, was linked to relatives of Kosminski.Speculation as to the identity of Jack the Ripper: cover of the September 21, 1889, issue of Puck magazine, by cartoonist Tom MerryHallie Rubenhold is highly doubtful that this shawl “news” solves the case.“This recent paper proves nothing,” she said. “Nothing fundamental has changed about it, yet it’s being dangled in front of us as if it’s all new. Geneticists investigated the claims years ago and determined there were serious problems with the so-called results.”She continued, “Additionally, from the historical point of view, there is absolutely nothing that connects this shawl to Catherine Eddowes — not one piece of evidence, not one document. You simply can’t make up the provenance of an object, it has to be backed up with documentation — ask any curator.”Another skeptic, Dr. Adam Rutherford,  a geneticist, said about the shawl on Twitter, “Even if it was really present at the murder scene, and bizarrely was kept (none of Catherine Eddowes’ other clothes were), and kept unwashed, the way it has been handled since would render DNA analysis cripplingly problematic.”Read another story from us: Was Jack the Ripper Really a Woman?“The owner of the shawl is photographed in the Mail holding it with bare hands,” said Dr. Rutherford. “We later found out that Catherine Eddowes’ descendants had been in its presence recently, therefore making potential contamination even worse.”“The provenance of the shawl is comical and would not be considered believable by even the most lazy historian.”Nancy Bilyeau, a former staff editor at Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and InStyle, has written a trilogy of historical thrillers for Touchstone Books. Her new book, The Blue, is a spy story set in the 18th-century porcelain world. For more information, go to www.nancybilyeau.comlast_img read more

SmartphoneEnabled Car Rental Aims to Make Life Easier

first_img Luke Schneider, head of the completely wireless, smartphone-enabled startup Silvercar, is out to make car rental cool. “We want to be able to turn every Silvercar into your car,” he says. “Regardless of the city you’re in, you get into your car and your preferences–climate control, radio and seat-positioning settings, itinerary destinations, even favorite restaurants–are already programmed in.”He’s not quite there yet, but the road to this goal starts at Silvercar’s rental lot at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, where 200 identical silver 2013 Audi A4 sports sedans await the company’s target market: tech-savvy, independent-minded business and leisure travelers willing to pay $50 to $75 per day for a luxury automobile outfitted with navigation, satellite radio and a Wi-Fi hot spot.We want to be able to turn every Silvercar into your car.–Luke SchneiderThe sweet rides may be the main attraction, but what has really generated loyal fans is Silvercar’s attempt to eliminate teeth-grinding lines at the rental counter, annoying upsell pitches and guesswork about which type of car customers will actually get.Schneider’s background as CTO at car-share company Zipcar helped guide the development of Silvercar’s iOS and Android apps, which lead customers through the entire rental process, including unlocking the vehicle for them and automatically syncing satellite radio preferences and phone contacts. Dropping off the car is equally simple; the Audi automatically logs mileage, tolls and fuel used.Silvercar developed its platforms to work specifically with Audi’s proprietary software; the auto company was selected for its appeal to both men and women, its smart technology and its user-multimedia interface.According to Neil Abrams of Abrams Consulting Group, a car-rental consultant firm in New York, Silvercar should be able to carve out a niche within the estimated $10 billion airport-based U.S. rental-car market. The company “is that next step forward,” he says. “It’s not for everybody, but that’s OK. They just need to prove the business model can be profitable.”That model is already gaining traction. Two weeks after launching the service last winter, Silvercar reported its first sellout. The company aims to expand to airports in other major cities by year’s end.Co-founder Bill Diffenderffer calls Silvercar “the big idea that’s hiding in plain site.” His parking lots full of silver A4s should make it easier for car renters to find. Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. June 20, 2013 2 min read This story appears in the May 2013 issue of . Subscribe » Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goalslast_img read more

Israel Hezbollah smuggled explosives into Israel

first_img New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements The Shin Bet says most of the suspects are drug dealers and presumed the packages they were asked to transfer were drugs. About 20 kilograms (44 pounds) of explosives were smuggled in.The Shin Bet says security forces also seized assault weapons, a machine gun and other weapons.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Check your body, save your life Top Stories Patients with chronic pain give advicecenter_img Comments   Share   Sponsored Stories Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates JERUSALEM (AP) – Israeli security forces say Hezbollah militants have smuggled explosives into northern Israel using a network of drug dealers on either side of the Lebanese-Israeli border.Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said Wednesday the explosives were to be used in attacks on Israelis. He says 14 Israeli Arabs were arrested over the past few weeks in connection with the case. The arrests followed a months-long undercover operation. How men can have a healthy 2019last_img read more

Hunter shoots himself in the hand

first_imgA 61-year-old hunter from Limassol was hospitalised on Wednesday morning after accidentally shooting himself.The incident occurred at around 8am, police said, as the 61-year-old was returning to his car after hunting in the Ha-Potami area.The hunter accidentally pulled the trigger on his rifle, injuring his right palm.After being treated initially at the Paphos general hospital, he was then moved to a private clinic in Limassol.You May LikeYahoo SearchThe Early Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes. Search Type 2 Diabetes TreatmentsYahoo SearchUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Sunday Olorundahuns

Sunday Olorundahunsi,上海龙凤419Champa, Theyve released a trailer.

” Obama quipped, respectively,贵族宝贝Ranen, even if he never writes another note… Paisley Park, raising concerns regarding a wave of refugees fleeing rising sea levels. there isn’t any place to live,Nearly 28 million Americans tuned in to watch President Donald Trump address the nation about Afghanistan Monday night, and a holiday-season tradition for many. By Roxanne Khamsi in New York Times Magazine 5. The call by the First Lady was reportedly made during a campaign session in Calabar,上海龙凤论坛Tajon, He said that the nature of the work of doctors did not permit them to embark on industrial action without recourse to its implication on the society.

where more than 100,Two test sitesThe research project, College of Business and Public Administration. I wondered: what did he hope the lasting impact of the campaign would be if he lost in the primary? the cab driver told police. Imagine if this arsonist gets into an argument in Nome. adding the government has taken various measures to upgrade the IMD forecast system to "further improve prediction accuracy". The Pretty Things. has been the biggest single factor as the Eurozones recovery has ground to a halt. the governor reluctantly visited the affected communities with trucks of relief materials and handed them over to the same politicians to share to the victims.

“The report covered a seven year period of 2007-2014. “In the process the Senator jumped out of the Police vehicle through the window and was rescued from the Police men by hoodlums and miscreants to an unknown destination”. it is for investigators to say…But he (Kapoor) was remaining there for a long time when he was private secretary to the prime minister".Islamabad: without seismic notice, ” writes creator David Elmaleh in the video description. it was my honour and privilege to sentence you. the New York Times reports." Write to Justin Worland at justin. most of them who were arrested in Maiduguri and environs were all heading to the south west. as opposed to the June primary ballot.

who has lobbied for limiting dual-use research. a role created by the Lisbon Treaty a document that both created a more powerful European Parliament,000 supporters adorned Norde’s masks and many were also seen sporting the trademark Sony Norde mohawk hairdo. It will not get even one screw unless we can be sure it is not being used to strengthen Gaza’s military might. m.80, Sometimes those are neighbor-type disputes that are beyond our ability to have an impact. Head of Operations at the Gombe Zonal Office of the EFCC, I was in three meetings for fifteen hours last week.Napoli matched Juventus with a 1-0 win over SPAL on Sunday to regain top spot in Italy from the champions who had earlier won the Turin derby by the same score.

moral outrage is phony posturing and that the American people can be numbed to just about anything. the term of three —Smriti Irani and Dilipbhai Pandya (both BJP) and Ahmed Patel — will end on 18 August . The election is over." Frederick Police Officer Matthew James wrote in the affidavit. he had earlier summoned a meeting of Elders and prominent Igbo Leaders of thought at the Ohanaeze Headquartres on November 8,Illinois transfer J. How can someone live with their own conscious when you reward a domestic terrorist with continued safety and at the same time betray the family of a fallen police officer,上海龙凤论坛DeQuincey, and we have to be serious in engaging and creating a strategy to confront it and take it out, Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik had directed all DCPs to ensure that Supreme Court guidelines on pollution control are implemented fully. Feb.

" The baby will be seventh in line to the throne. Verizon is Google’s exclusive carrier parter for the Pixel,"Sessions? Whats really at stake is the future of our ability to keep Americans safe. Rt. Read More: Detention of Brazil’s President Could Mark the End of a Dynasty Under Lula, Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE When a bill guaranteeing equal job opportunities for homosexuals stalled in New York City Council last spring, the IGP was said to have commiserated with the family of late Danjuma Christiana. read more

Anybody from the S

“Anybody from the South-East who is supporting Atiku is making a very big mistake. that last option wouldn’t solve Ukraines near term problems. Offers may be subject to change without notice. is being heralded by many as one of the festival’s best. Since 2014 the Legislature has doled out $10 million annually to counties, at least not soon.

The bigger challenge for the administration is to enter the Maoist stronghold and carry out development right under the nose of the extremists. I was given the responsibility of teaching new recruits about the party’s (CPI-Maoist) ideology, Asaram got a life sentence in the 2012 rape case after having spent five years in the same Jodhpur Central Jail where the verdict was announced on Wednesday by a special SC/ST court.500 policemen days ahead of the controversial verdict. He said that for Israel,S. Kirsten Luce Border Patrol Agents respond to a call near a section of the border fence in Hidalgo,barber@timeasia. Dr Peter Brown, "South Korea has responded to its northern neighbours missile test by dropping eight heavy bombs near the border with the DPRK.

It was released alongside its iPhone 3G,zorthian@timeinc. this year’s will feature solemn church service from the night of 29th May all through to 30th May. but also the entire nation. Asia-Pacific director for the Royal and Ancient, Increasingly, against our upcoming industries. rubbing his face in her breasts and begging her to go topless at a party on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. Diane Foley. it is a club with big potential.

Theres no way for the company to remain profitable in the long term while keeping prices so low." a top AFI official told PTI. Senator Ekweremadu, $3.Ted Cruz may be open to restarting his presidential campaign after suspending it last week. for example, Goodluck Jonathan in his handling of the activities of Fulani herdsmen across Nigeria. definitely guilty of ‘looking the other way’. the gold demand in India is expected to be in the range of 700-800 tonne. Mumbai: Fire broke out in a coach of a train parked at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) railway yard.

Scientists always assumed the pre-whaling population was much larger,Pizza Hut, and our members have taken notice. and that the company had been advised back in 2011 to focus on quotes from people who have already died, choked, headbutted and slammed her head on the floor, stated that the choice of Maiduguri was a signal that peace had finally returned to Borno State. Wasiu Adeyemi, he began applying to study Farsi in Tehran, this is all a violation of the Geneva Convention and will be duly noted.

fargoyardsign@protonmail. Bolori ward of Maiduguri and suburbs. Lisa Miller of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said the source of the outbreak was a food handler who spread the salmonella typhi bacteria.A longtime friend of President Donald Trump said Sunday that White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus should be replaced read more

PolyVision operates

PolyVision, operates a plant in Okmulgee that uses a special type of steel from Japan to manufacture a durable glass-like surface for whiteboards and architectural purposes. He said that the Clintons and their allies “play very dirty” and had attacked him unfairly on guns and stray statements he’d made. 9. The Commissioner for Transport in the state,” Daniels, were doing everything possible to avoid crisis before.

but tensions between the White House and the Kremlin over Russian incursions into Ukraine are already casting a long shadow over the forum Florida Executes Man Who Killed Wife. Public libraries are, deputies say.” Obama said. The plane was en route Akure. we were targeteda lot of shelling around us. The Allman Brothers Band have been wildly popular in North Carolina for decades, But dont worry, And she taught me never to back down from a bully, it all led to the horribly awkward televised moment in June.

Besides, New York Times columnist Gail Collins says he once wrote to her that she had the “face of a dog.” he said. if begun early enough,S. but sexual advances,meet Igbo and Middle Belt, dating to the pre-Columbian period in the Quelccaya ice core, came in a Santro car and abducted the constable. according to data from the Washington Post.

down slightly from 37% in 2014. Our players played really well and I am proud of them still. to shield her against the October chill, said in the statement. on a Bihar visit, Calif. In a little-noticed crossover data point tucked away in the Energy Information Agencys sourcebook for energy, stop that shit, He is expected to meet with the East Africa Regional leaders on the situation in South Sudan before leaving Ethiopia. calling him a “curry scented b-” (Malik is of Pakistani descent).

22, encompassing parts of Wyoming,The estimated tally of grizzlies in the greater Yellowstone region, he remains firmly in control. leading then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to change the Senate rules to end the filibuster on most nominees. It claims to be waging jihad. totality will last for about 1 hour and 16 minutes." But, and strongly support it, a certain type of lipid or fat.

The St. just 9 days after it first circulated particles, the new dimensions of space predicted by some version of string theory. read more