Aleñá: “Valverde already knew that I wanted to go”

first_imgLaLiga Santander* Data updated as of January 8, 2020 Carles Aleñá was officially presented by Betis. The player assigned by Barcelona posed with his new shirt, which will feature the number 24, and after the classic act of videos and speeches dedicated to the player, including one by Marc Bartra, was submitted to the press questions. “This club has to go up by team, hobby … I have a crazy desire to play at Villamarín and I hope they are six months of glory“began Aleñá.Aleñá was questioned about the surprise that Valverde produced when he left Barça: “What I know is that I told Valverde that I wanted to come to Betis. There was a clause that let me decide my future, in summer there was already Betis interest and Valverde knew that I wanted to go. It was all very simple. “ During the speeches, Aleñá was about to get excited several times and justified it as a dream to be in Betis: “I talked a lot with Bartra and Álex Moreno and since you enter here you see what this is. Betis hooks you and I’m excited to be able to live this while being so young. For me it is a dream and I hope to get great things and for Betis to go up“.Aleñá also analyzed the format of his assignment, of six months with no purchase option, something that does not take away his sleep at the moment: “It has been six months because it has had to be this way and in the future you will see what happens. I knew that for my game it was best to come to Betis. It was the best place to come, with the mister I have only talked about game matters, I do not come with the label of having to be a holder to come from Barcelona. I come to a team with a lot of competition to play the maximum possible minutes. “And finally, Aleñá was totally convinced that Betis will star in a comeback in the second round that will allow him to reach European positions: “I see that it is entirely feasible for the team to climb, if I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t have come here. We are convinced that the team has to go up, it is bad luck that Betis is in the position that is. We are convinced that the second round will be very good and before the Real Sociedad it will begin to see a new Betis to reach Europe. “last_img read more

Leon turns with the Cup … but the goal is promotion

first_imgAira was saved from the sieve, although he was initially fired after not entering the playoff. However, when other options fall, The Berciano coach, endorsed by the manager, Felipe Llamazares, was returned to his position. And time plays in his favor. The numbers (42 points and 38 goals) have few precedents in the team, full of Throne names like Héctor Rodas, in his day Captain of the Levant, or the attackers Dioni (ten goals) and Kawaya, willing to return to the foreground.We speak, however, of an attractive team. In this five years, Cultural has scored 273 goals and in national football only Barça (467) and Madrid (411) are exceeded, that in two of those years exceeded one hundred. Lions look from the podium to Atlético (268) and Bilbao Athletic (260)The need for promotion permeates the daily work at the Cultural headquarters, which still takes advantage of its passage through Second. Since that May 28, 2017 there is an unknown devotion to the city team. One more year the social mass is around 7,000 subscribers. The Cup has two speeds for the Cultural. While Leon has turned over and will fill the stadium, the League looks sideways at the white house. In the next days he will see his direct rivals for the title (Logroñés and Bilbao Athletic, first and third) in group 2 of a Second B who tries to leave the fast track after the traumatic decline two years ago.Professional football escaped between his fingers and the first change doubting the project with which the Aspire Academy made its landing in Spain. The Qatari entity has not lifted the foot of the accelerator, but its visible head, Iván Bravo, key in the acquisition of the club, turned his gaze to Alcorcón.There are no palpable fissures, but, in case the flies, injections like the one tonight will receive their coffers are intended to be a nod to the property to partially compensate for their effort. This season, The budget is around three million invested, to a greater extent, in undoing past mistakes. Of the staff that came down from Second and then failed in the Bronze Division, only a handful of players remain. Three of them, Leandro, Antonio Martínez and Iván González, direct witnesses of the ascent.last_img read more

The reconquest of López Habas

first_imgATK’s main objective this season was to finish the regular season first and secure a place in the Asian Champions League, something that López Habas’ team could not achieve due to his irregular end of course. They are on time to achieve ISL, but Spanish prefers “a format without ‘play-offs’. Whoever finishes first is the great champion“:” There are teams that did not make an outstanding season, but won the last games and slipped into the privileged positions. That doesn’t reward the spirit of what an all-against-all league means. “López Habas, whose best results as head coach have always come from outside Spain, confesses not being concerned about how little his work is valued in his native country. “It is not something that worries me”, the Cordovan discovers, league champion in Bolivia, South Africa and the mentioned India. To regain the Hindu title, his ATK will have to prevail over Chennaiyin, a team that “started the championship poorly but in recent months counts its matches by victories.” His counterpart on the bench in Chennai, Owen CoyleHe knows what it’s like to lead in the Premier League – more than 100 games with Bolton and Burnley. “We arrived at the match after defeating Bengaluru, the reigning champion, but it will be difficult and it will be decided by details.” The meeting, played in Goa, will take place behind closed doors due to the coronavirus crisis. Before him, few Spanish coaches accepted the challenge of crossing the pond. In 1997, he took Bolivia to the final of the Copa América and on his return to Spain, success did not ignore him. He won two leagues and one UEFA as an assistant to Rafa Benítez at Valencia and later added to his logbook two adventures in South Africa and India, where he is about to reconquer the Super League (ISL). Antonio López Habas (Córdoba, 1957) already won the Hindu tournament in 2014 with ATK, who after two courses outside the ‘play-off’ turned to Spanish as a lifeguard. “Winning this title is very important for the club and for the city,” acknowledges the Andalusian hours before playing the final against Chennaiyin.“After finishing sixth and ninth in 2018 and 2019 respectively, ATK placed its trust in us. We had to make a new team to reach the competitive level that the club had since its founding in 2014,” adds López Habas, who this season has had five Spaniards at his command: Agus Garcia, Victor Mongil, Mandi bland, Javi Hernandez Y Edu Garcia: “Roy Krishna has been the scorer of the championship, but the level of foreigners and, in particular, that of the Spanish has been very high. They are good professionals and have very good technical training,” said the Cordovan. “His impact on the Indian players is very great. I remember that in 2014 we had Josemi. The other central, Indian international, copied everything: shin guards, warm-up routine … Up to that point they are important in a football like that of India, which is getting better and more professional “, he completes.last_img read more

Barça players would accept a salary cut

first_imgLaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 22, 2020 At the board of directors held earlier in the week, club executives informed managers that these losses were “unrecoverable” and that it was necessary to begin to rethink the budget that in September was approved in the assembly of 1,047 million compromisarios, which was the historical record of the Catalan entity.It must be remembered that the players themselves, in this case Gerard Piqué, They already confirmed that last summer they were willing to postpone the entry of their wages so that the club could face the economic effort involved in facing the operation of the return of Neymar. from Parías Saint-Germain in a transfer that was desired by the squad, but that the club did not have the financial muscle to assume.The talks are at an early stage, but availability on both sides is adequate. Now what agree once the landscape that has caused the coronavirus crisis is clarified. That is, to know if the competitions are going to resume, when and under what conditions.In addition, Barcelona, ​​like most teams advocates a collegiate action sponsored by the European football association (ECA) that on Monday should discuss this issue at a meeting to be held by videoconference The FC Barcelona squad is not going to put up insurmountable difficulties if the situation triggered by the coronavirus forces to rethink economic policy of the club on the downside impacting on the salaries of the players.The contacts between the president of the entity, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and the captains of the team in this sense they are on the right track since from the locker room it is understood the difficult situation that they are going through, not only Barcelona, ​​but all the European teams that are already seeing their income substantially reduced due to the closure of activities .A suspension that not only affects sports activity depriving the entities of receiving money for box office or television rights, but it affects in many areas of the club fundamental to maintain the economy of these companies such as the money that is collected in schools spread around the world, by sponsorship campaigns , sale of material in stores that are now closed or visits to the museum or the stadium in addition to the events that are organized in the club facilities at all levels.last_img read more

Twelve Real Madrid players are in FIFA limbo on 30-J

first_imgIt was something that had been disturbing clubs, footballers and agents, and that Emilio García Silvero, legal director of FIFA, has highlighted more. “FIFA cannot extend contracts beyond June 30, but the transfer windows are not going to be the same and players will not be able to be registered. The market does not open on July 1 “, he said in Game Time. García Silvero gave more details, again not very reassuring due to the restrictions of the regulations: “If a loan ends on June 30, the player should theoretically return to his club but the enrollment window would not be open and the record would not be processed.” FIFA is recommending extensions to end the season, but cannot guarantee that this will be done: It will depend, in addition to the will of those involved, on the labor regulations of each country. Of course, if the contractual extensions were not given, the footballers could not be enrolled in another team.Future plans: sales, transfers …In the worst case scenario, 12 Madrid footballers would stay in no man’s land, a hypothesis everyone involved believes will not occur. They hope that some solution will be found to avoid this extreme. Areola, who wants to continue, should return to PSG. Luca Zidane and Borja Mayoral, currently on loan at Racing and Levante, they end their relationship with Real Madrid and, as the movements have not started, they would have no token. Odriozola would return from Bayern, as Achraf from Dortmund after two courses, Vallejo from Granada, Reguilón from Sevilla, Ceballos from Arsenal, Odegaard de la Real, Kubo from Mallorca and Óscar Rodríguez, two seasons later, from Leganés.When normality returns, for the majority, a definitive sale or a new assignment will be sought. Achraf and Odegaard, If they see it convenient, they have a place in 2020-21. Lunin, also, it has many options of being the second goalkeeper. AND Kubo, As he confessed this Sunday in AS, he sees himself with options and potential to follow that path. The rest is between very complicated and impossible. The coronavirus, like society in general, is going to change the world of soccer. What is still far from being known is how much and how. One of the problems derived from this complex situation is what will happen to the transferred or those who end their contract on June 30, with 12 cases in Real Madrid: Luca Zidane, Lunin, Odriozola, Achraf, Vallejo, Reguilón, Ceballos, Odegaard, Take Kubo, Óscar Rodríguez, Borja Mayoral and Areola. AS has told that in Spain the parties have begun to look for a solution with enlargement, but, as it usually happens with the RFEF, LaLiga and the AFE involved, it will not be easy. last_img read more

“My son told me that he has talks with Arsenal”

first_img“I called my son after hearing the rumors and he told me that the rumors are true. “The speaker is Jacob Partey, Thomas’s father. He does it in Entsie at Tru FM and confirms not only Arsenal’s interest in signing his son but also contacts. “He told me that they are having talks between him and Arsenal. It all depends on the offer that Atlético demands“He added. Some statements that, However, shortly afterwards the soccer player’s representation agency, JJ Sports, came out to deny, with the approval of the player. “It is totally false that we are negotiating with Arsenal”, They replied forcefully. Everything remains the same with Thomas, which continues without signing the renewal offer with a millionaire salary and clause proposed by the rojiblanco club in October. His release now costs 50 million, a trifle for a superclass. Far from the three-digit armor, one hundred million, with which Atlético intends to arm him. Hence, the statements of the player’s father concern both the club and the fans with phrases like this: “What they are discussing now is how Atlético will release him” Thomas’ death for Cholo would be a near-fatal injury. Basic footballer in his scheme, irreplaceable, last season when he shared midfield with a footballer from whom as many hopes as Rodrigo Hernández hung, Simeone was clear with the directive when from the City of Guardiola the siren songs began that ended by take it to the Premier. “The undisputed is Thomas“This season even more. But, according to the statements of his father, his continuity is more in the air than ever. Jacob Partey, even talked about how he sees him with the Arteta team shirt.”If Arsenal does well, they have a large following in Ghana. I will be happy if you decide to move to Arsenal“The Champions, keyAtlético needs to qualify for the Champions League, a competition that this season has already reported more than 70 million euros in revenue, but wants to be in the position of having to sell one of its stars to survive. Stars that the Premier wants. Stars called Saúl (especially; United loves him), surnamed Partey (Arsenal). The statements of the father of the latter alert the Metropolitan Wanda that he has one of his priorities in the coming weeks: that Thomas sign that renewal He has been waiting on his table since October, clinging more to the denial of the player’s representation agency than to the words of his father. Because the rumors from London do not stop increasing. Arsenal, as revealed by Daily Mail A few months ago, he would have already made a bid of 50 million for Thomas while Simeone prays that nothing happens.last_img read more

Barça’s crash plan: 14 measures to stop injuries

first_imgAs we anticipated in AS, Barcelona has an internal report from the medical services that foresees, in the best of scenarios, a plague of injuries, “between five to ten”, in the first month of the resumption of the competition, having special incidence both “in the hamstrings and in the joints”.To minimize this terrible injury scenario, FC Barcelona has drawn up a powerful attack plan consisting of a total of fourteen measures that will be carried out during the re-adaptation phase to the competition and the time it lasts:1- Maintenance of properties of tendons, muscles, ligaments and neuromotor control systems2- Tendons: stimulate their mechanical capacities (isometric and eccentric exercises)3- Gradual reconditioning and progression of intra and inter-cycle loads4- Multi-component reconditioning programs (most common injuries in soccer and the player’s own tendencies)5- Adequate proportion and alternation of means and training tasks, avoiding overstimulation.6- Design preseason to have as many training sessions as possible7- Reduce work time in each session8- During the competition, include rest periods or discharge microcycles9- Distance between matches of at least 72 hours or preferably more 10- Strategic use of changes during games11- Assess the inclusion of a greater number of substitutions during the match12- Dose the exposure time of the players to the high competitive density13- Develop post-competition recovery strategies14- Short preparation period will make it difficult to establish preventive programsThe same report establishes a section of six lines of work to car attack ’the most recurrent injuries among players, emphasizing the Achilles tendon, “risk of stroke volume and explosive work”, quadriceps, “risk of hitting, acceleration, braking or jumping”, and hamstrings, “high-speed races, wide spaces”.In addition, the duration factor of the preseason, “shorter than normal”, and sudden changes in intensity in training, “with the risk of overload injury.”In this way, other preventive contents are also proposed, such as the start of a multifunctional prevention program that encompasses both mobility, strength and motor control and the progressive increase in loads. During the competition, the report highlights the need to “monitor competitive response and fatigue individually to decide which players can compete and who should rest.”A complete report that is expected to be launched in its early stages imminently, when the players resume activity in the Ciutat Esportiva.last_img read more

Nehuén Pérez to the expectation

first_imgAtlético could have to determine at the finish of this course, when it arrives, the stage with Nehuén. One is to search for one other switch in order that he can proceed progressing or to discover a place for him in the squad and provides out one other of the defenders. Sure Philip and Lovely arrived final summer season, the second shouldn’t be completely satisfied along with his little prominence up to now and the postponement of the Eurocup to 2021 It locations the subsequent season as key, though his departure appears unlikely. SavicAt 29, he may search for a final large contract and depart money available for Atlético. Giménez shouldn’t be in the showcase. On this case, Nehuén occupies a non-community place, like Felipe, Lodi and Arias, which cowl the most quota, though the departure of the Colombian would open the doorways.No minutes with Simeone in his half season as rojiblancoNehuén Pérez value Atlético 2.5 million in July 2018 (Though he didn’t be part of the rojiblanco membership till January 2019, when his task led to Argentinos Juniors, from the place he was signed). He arrived at Atlético certified by the specialists as Greatest central defender of the South American U-20, Argentina captain with 18 years and surrounded by reward. Management, seriousness, aerial play, ball exit … However with Simeone he had no probability. Zero minutes, zero alternatives. The Argentine exercised at his command in Cerro for half a yr and didn’t make his debut and virtually not even be a part of the substitutes’ bench. Solely in two was it, two out of twelve doable. Hanging was the Atlético-Celta from April 13 of final yr. Simeone ran out of central groups, solely unpublished Nehuén remained, however as a substitute of the Argentine, the coach determined to guess on Montero and by Toni Moya, who’s a midfielder however had performed nice central minutes in the preseason, so Nehuén continued to zero. Have the Athletic a coveted piece in the upcoming markets: Nehuén Pérez (19 years previous that can be 20 this June). The central, is on mortgage in the Portuguese Famalicaosure, I used to be about to signal for Ajax for 25 million, as you’ll have recognized ACE, earlier than soccer stopped due to the coronavirus. Now he’s coming again It’s now not so clear that Nehuén packs his method to the Netherlands. The Argentine shouldn’t be solely a bit of the future for the nice golf equipment of Europe, but additionally for Atlético himself, to whom the coronavirus disaster and the consequent ERTE that he requested to face it trigger that the signings by Atlético are few and only a few. And though Atlético already has 4 assure facilities in its squad, it’s looking the market (Diego Carlos, Tah, Demiral…) one thing you have already got at residence. Nehuén.The Argentine is shining on his mortgage at Famalicao, the place He has stood out for his management and hierarchy regardless of his youth. An undisputed pure chief in the staff led by João Pedro Sousa and that he enormously observed his absence throughout the dispute of the Olympic in February, U23, the place he was indeniable in the closing victory of Argentina regardless of being 4 years youthful than a number of of his colleagues and rivals. In the Portuguese league he has performed 16 matches, all as a starter, to which he provides two in the cup. And it’s that the Argentine is squeezing to the most his switch in his first alternative in Europe. A efficiency that has sparked the curiosity of a number of main golf equipment, resembling Ajax, who see the 19-year-old as a center-back with a few years forward.last_img read more