Team PNG settles in at Rio2016 Olympic Village

first_imgThe Village welcome is a tradition at the Olympics and provides the opportunity for the Mayor of the Games Village to officially welcome each country to the village and for the flag of the country to be raised at the village.Mayor of the Rio 2016 Village, Brazilian basketball star and Olympic medallist, Janeth Arcain, greeted Team PNG along with the teams from Iceland, Luxembourg, Oman, Sierra Leone and South Sudan in what was the last of the Village welcome ceremonies.Team PNG was pleased to have joined them for the Welcome ceremony, Vice-Minister for Sports, Labi Amaiu, who had earlier spent the day at the Commonwealth Sports Ministers meeting ahead of the Games.After the raising of the PNG flag and the playing of the National Anthem, Chef de Mission, Emma Waiwai presented a gift on behalf of the team to the Mayor. The gift, a decorative carving of the Team PNG logo was custom made in PNG for the occasion. When handing over the gift to the Mayor, Waiwai shared the Team’s pleasure to be in Rio for the Games and the amazing hospitality shown to them in the village. The two also shared a light moment about their love of Basketball and former playing days.Waiwai then wrote a message on behalf of the Team on the Olympic Wall of Truce. The message joining the messages of the other 206 National Olympic Committees participating at the Games.The ceremony centered on a fervent performance from local dancers showcasing the traditions of Brasilian music and dance over its existence, culminating in a contemporary samba street party. Team PNG athlete Toea Wisil was first to join in the celebrations with the performance.Toea had arrived in Rio late the previous night along with coach Alison Fairweather. Also at the ceremony were Ryan Pini, Raymond Ovinou and the Taekwondo athletes, Samantha Kassman and Maxemillion Kassman.Samantha and Maxemillion had earlier that morning joined the team after arriving in the village for the first time.Also earlier in the day, Boxer Thadius Katua learned that he will be facing a Russian opponent in the under 60kg division in his bought on Sunday at 11:00am Rio time.Team PNG are now taking part in the Rio2016 Opening Ceremony where Flagbearer Ryan Pini will lead the team as it reveals its walkout uniforms. Picture courtesy of Ryan Pini facebook page: Team PNG ready for the Olympics opening ceremonylast_img read more

Teslas ThirdLargest Shareholder Willing To Provide Capital If Necessary

first_img These Are The Top 3 Tesla Shareholders TESLA’S THIRD-LARGEST SHAREHOLDER BACKS THE ‘GENIUS’ OF ELON MUSKScottish investment firm Baillie Gifford is Tesla’s third largest shareholder, and the fund managers want everyone to know they are still bullish on the stock. Instead of obsessing about Elon Musk’s salty tweets, investors should focus on the vast opportunities that Tesla is poised to take advantage of, Baillie Gifford’s Iain McCombie told Morningstar.Check Out These Stories: Above: Fighting the transition to digital photography led to the demise of Kodak (Source: Faisal Butt)Legacy automakers are under pressure to catch up with Tesla, McCombie believes, and the nascent transition to electric vehicles could turn out to be their “Kodak moment.” “They spent hundreds of years building up their know-how in internal combustion engines and they do a great job with that, but what happens if all of us are suddenly saying ‘oh, I want an electric car?’ Suddenly, that know-how is useless,” says McCombie. “What happened with Kodak is they actually discovered the digital camera, but they buried it because it was too frightening for them. They thought it would kill their film business. But the fact that they didn’t innovate killed Kodak.”“[Traditional automakers] have built wonderful businesses for themselves, but what happens when the business is changing? That’s why your Tesla is exciting, because they don’t have those legacy issues.”As do most serious observers of the auto market, McCombie dismisses the idea that Big Auto’s so-called Tesla-killers pose an existential threat to the Silicon Valley startup. “We don’t think it’s all about Tesla owning the market,” he says. “We expect other people to come into the market. But what we’re thinking is that the market will expand dramatically.”.embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }Above: Baillie Gifford is willing to commit more capital to Tesla if it turns out that Elon Musk needs it (Youtube: Wochit News)Baillie Gifford is supporting its optimism about Tesla with more than just words. Nick Thomas, a Partner at the Edinburgh-based firm, recently told the Times of London (via Reuters) that it would be willing to invest more cash in the company if necessary. “If [Elon Musk] needs more capital we would be willing to back him,” said Thomas. Discussing Tesla, Stuart Dunbar, another Partner at Baillie Gifford adds (via Financial Times), “We’re long-term believers in it… the company is making fantastic operational progress.”===Written by: Charles Morris; Source: Morningstar; Reuters; Financial Times*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers, free of charge. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX. Check out the site here. Elon Musk Buys $20 Million In Additional TSLA Stock *This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Charles Morris. The opinions expressed in these articles are not necessarily our own at InsideEVs. Above: Elon Musk (Flickr: thaddeus cesari)McCombie, Manager of the Baillie Gifford Managed fund, concedes that Musk’s antics are “a giant distraction,” but points out that the Tesla story is “partly about the genius of Musk.” McCombie says Musk’s combative statements are “an embarrassment and I wish he wouldn’t do it,” but goes on to speculate that, had the famously outspoken auto industry pioneer Henry Ford had something like Twitter to express himself with, Musk’s tweets “would be pretty mild in comparison.”“You might not like Musk, and I’m not condoning what he did, but you can’t deny the fact that he’s done some pretty remarkable things,” says McCombie. “And that is often what a lot of entrepreneurs are like. They’re eccentric, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea and they challenge conventional wisdom.”McCombie says Baillie Gifford is still excited about TSLA stock for several reasons. Despite short-term production problems, the California carmaker is now beginning to produce Model 3 in volume, and the new EV is already outselling comparable models from established auto brands. Tesla is now selling more cars in the US than Daimler, McCombie points out. “Daimler’s been in the market for 100-plus years, and here’s this upstart and they’re outselling them in the US. If you’d said that a few years ago, you’d probably have been locked up, but that’s happening.” New Tesla Board Chair, Robyn Denholm Believes In Risks And Positive Conflict Source: Electric Vehicle News Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on November 20, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle Newslast_img read more