Yoga’s Popularity in the US Long Predates Hippies and Bead-wearing Hipsters

first_imgWith the exception of notable figures such as Swami Vivekananda, most assume that yoga arrived in the United States in earnest during the late 1960s, when the opening up of immigration laws to allow Asians into the country coincided with the flowering of a hippie counterculture that looked to India as a source of mystic wisdom. There was, however, a vibrant world of American yoga during the early 20th century, and it flourished because earlier immigration policy succeeded not in keeping Indian immigrants out of the United States as much as keeping them in.Read it at Scroll Related Itemslast_img

PS4 and Xbox One will be 299 with bundled games on Black

first_imgIf you’re looking to buy a PS4 or Xbox One right now, chances are you’ll end up paying in the region of $350 for one. That’s not a bad price at all considering, but the Black Friday deals have started to appear, and both Microsoft and Sony’s consoles are in line for a steep discount on the biggest shopping day of the year.Both GameStop and Meijer have had their Black Friday advertising go public, and they both show the $299 deals. In the case of the PS4, you’ll get the console, a controller, and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for $299.99. The Xbox One deal includes the console, a controller, and Gears of War. Meijer is also offering $50 off your next purchase if you buy either machine, effectively taking the price down to $249.99.The dilemma faced by gamers is not whether to wait for these deals or not, it’s if you’ll actually be able to purchase one or the other with the 15% discount applied at all. Stores both physical and online are sure to be extremely busy on Friday, November 27. Some people are going to lose out if it’s too busy or stock at this price point is limited.If you look around it is possible to pick up the PS4 Uncharted bundles for around $325 right now. I’ve seen the Xbox One Gears of War Bundle for $340. So there are already discounts, some of which make waiting for Black Friday probably not worth it. Buy now and relax playing games while others waste Black Friday trying to save an extra $25, right?Of course, another retailer may go even lower on price…[GameStop image courtesy of Mike Mozart on Flickr]last_img read more