Samsung Galaxy Tab Return Rates InflatedBy A LOT

first_imgEarlier in the week, work got out that Samsung Galaxy Tab buyers were returning the device at a rather unnerving rate of 15 percent (16 percent in some reports). Most jumped on the number as yet another example of how Samsung’s tablet was failing in its uphill fight against the Apple iPad (which has a return rate of around two percent). Samsung has responded to the figure, stating the number is pure fiction. The company posted a two sentence response in Korean on an official company blog, stating, The return rate of the Galaxy Tab in the US as claimed by an North American marketresearch firm is incorrect. According to Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications Business, the return rate is below two percent. Below two percent? This isn’t the case of stretching the truth. Someone, it seems, is outright lying here. The gap between 15 and “less than two” isn’t the sort of thing that can be bridged with a little fuzzy math…last_img read more