Weekly Activity Report November 6 – 12

first_imgWarrant, 34th Street, one in custody, at 11:22pm November 8, 2016: TuesdayCalls for service: 117 Vehicle Stops: 26  Vehicle Accidents: 0 Property Checks: 65  Alarms: 2The Police Department assisted with 4 fire and 3 EMS calls Warrant, 9th Street, one inn custody, at 8:38am DWI, 34th Street, one in custody, at 2:00am November 9, 2016: WednesdayCalls for service: 63 Vehicle Stops: 6 Vehicle Accidents: 0  Property Checks: 23  Alarms: 2The Police Department assisted with 4 fire and 2 EMS calls City Ordinance 87-17sec.4-32 prohibits any Boat/Trailer over 22 feet in overall length from being parked on a city street.       Any boat/trailer less than 22 feet in overall length can only remain on a city street for three consecutive days. Officers will be issuing summons and towing boats/trailers for any observed violations. Bicycle riders must obey all vehicle laws similar to that of a vehicle.       They must stop at stop signs, traffic lights and ride with the flow of traffic. Bicycle riders are not pedestrians and do not have the same right of way as a pedestrian when crossing the street at an intersection. Calls for Service: 497        Daily Average: 71 November 6, 2016: Sunday Calls for service: 41 Vehicle Stops: 7 Vehicle Accidents: 0  Property Checks: 13  Alarms: 2The Police Department assisted with 3 Fire and 3 EMS calls November 7, 2016: Monday Calls for service: 70 Vehicle Stops: 22 Vehicle Accidents: 0 Property Checks: 27  Alarms: 1The Police Department assisted with 4 Fire and 7 EMS calls Theft, Coolidge Rd., at 2:15pm November 10, 2016: ThursdayCalls for service: 63 Vehicle Stops: 18 Vehicle Accidents: 0   Property Checks: 31 Alarms: 3The Police Department assisted with 3 fire and 4 EMS callsFraud, 800 block West Ave., at 11:43am November 11, 2016: FridayCalls for service: 79 Vehicle Stops: 24 Vehicle Accidents: 0 Property Checks: 28 Alarms: 3The Police Department assisted with 5 fire and 7 EMS callsCriminal mischief, Folger Ct., at 9:40amWarrant, 900 block Bay Ave., one in custody, at 11:26pm November 12, 2016: SaturdayCalls for service: 64 Vehicle Stops: 14 Vehicle Accidents: 0 Property Checks: 30 Alarms: 1The Police Department assisted with 1 fire and 5 EMS callsDomestic violence, 1400 block Ocean Ave., at 2:27amWarrant, 900 block West Ave., one in custody, at 8:58amTrespassing, 800 block Coolidge Rd., one in custody, at 12:03pmTheft, 2900 block Simpson Ave., at 1:00pmTheft, 1200 block Boardwalk, at 1:14pmPUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS:Just a reminder that it is a violation of a City Ordinance to have dogs on the boardwalk anytime during the year.last_img read more

BSA unveils hygiene code plans

first_imgThe British Sandwich Association (BSA) is to beef up its code of practice, turning it into a health and safety guide for bakers, foodservice and retail sandwich bar operators.The first draft of the Food Standards Agency-backed scheme will be developed in January 2008 with a consultation period to follow.The draft of a separate guide for sandwich manufacturers will also be available for consultation later this month, with a launch date scheduled for September 2008.”There is great inconsistency in the way that enforcement is handled by environmental health officers,” said BSA director Jim Winship. “Following a listeria outbreak at one site earlier this year, we found there was no protocol for reopening a factory once it had been shut down voluntarily. The intention of the guide is to address this.”last_img read more

Irrigation Maintenance

first_imgTo avoid disaster due to subfreezing winter temperatures, leaky pipes and uninvited rodents, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension irrigation specialist Wes Porter recommends that Georgia growers inspect their irrigation systems before planting their crops this spring.“We’ve got to get our irrigation systems in top shape, up and ready to run. Once the crops are up, the last thing you want is an irrigation system to break down,” Porter said.Planting season is just weeks away for Georgia corn growers, who normally start planting at the beginning of March. Now is the best time to inspect irrigation equipment, Porter said.“I encourage (growers) to do a quick search online or go to their county (Extension) office and ask for our spring center-pivot checklist,” he said. “It goes through the components (that growers) should check very thoroughly, has detailed pictures of the critical areas to check, discusses what to look for and even how to correct most of the problems.”The center-pivot maintenance guide can be found online in UGA Extension Bulletin 1452, located at extension.uga.edu/publications/detail.html?number=B1452.After farmers begin planting their crops, they may apply irrigation to establish proper plant stands or activate herbicides, and a leaky pipe or flat tire can delay those plans.“If farmers take care of these maintenance procedures before the growing season begins, it will save them much-needed time during critical water-use periods and prevent potential yield loss to their crops due to moisture stress,” Porter said.Growers should test irrigation systems and let them run to make sure they are operating efficiently prior to their initial use on this season’s crops, he said.“Start the system up and make sure it’s working with proper operating pressure. It’s a good idea to check the flow rate to make sure (it’s) where it is supposed to be. You can also visually check all the nozzles to ensure they’re all working properly,” Porter said.Growers should also make sure that sprinklers are rotating properly, in a uniform pattern.Change the oil and clean the air filters on motors that run on diesel, gas or propane. Make sure that pumps are ready and free of overwintering animals or insects, their nests and cobwebs.UGA Extension water educators can come to growers’ fields to take uniformity tests. Through these tests, they can check water distribution across a pivot and find where growers can potentially save money.To learn more about UGA Extension water educators, visit http://bit.ly/2BHrncS.last_img read more

Iowa Bike Expo brings thoughts of spring and warm rides

first_imgDES MOINES — The forecast calls for plenty of snow to fly over the next few days, but thousands of Iowans will be thinking of sunny, summer days ahead as they attend one of the biggest one-day bicycling shows in the Midwest.The Iowa Bike Expo is Saturday in Des Moines. Organizer Mark Wyatt, executive director of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, says the free event is for everyone who’s into pedal power. “You’re going to see bikes, gear, destinations and events,” Wyatt says. “Really, people come there shopping for their summer. If you want to check out what the latest trail is, if you want to check out what the bike shops have as far as new gear to offer, this is the event for you.”If you’re shopping for a new bike, whether it’s a traditional two-wheel road bike, recumbent, tandem or electric, Wyatt says there will easily be hundreds of options. “There’s a bike demo area,” Wyatt says. “We’ve got four or five vendors who will let you take a bike over and give it a short ride, right in front of the events center on the floor, so that’ll be pretty cool.”There will be educational seminars to help riders get in touch with bike advocacy, a legal workshop, and new product launches at the event. While Iowa has hundreds of miles of paved trails, the expo features representatives from a host of “destination” bike rides in other states, including Minnesota and Kentucky.“There’s a lot of interest in the Iowa bicycling community,” Wyatt says. “Certainly, they see it as economic development that they can import to their states. We know that we’ve got to continue to develop that economic impact on bicycling here in Iowa.”The Iowa Bike Expo is free and runs Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines.last_img read more