Houtbage.com – a new social network and search engine as a great help to tourism

first_imgCurrently, the whole project is at the beginning and the databases are just being entered. Soon all the data will be available to the whole world. Be among the first users. If the ad is private, a private profile is selected and thus the ad is completely free. If the ad is business then it is more extensive, thus where there are additional options for a more detailed description, and such an ad is more at the top of the search engine. It should be noted that the private ad is totally free, and the business option is 120 Euros per year (10 Euros per month), which is the cheapest on the market. Exactly in that segment Houthbage.com wants to help and offer a solution in the global market. It offers the promotion of jobs and industries by categories in an extremely simple, fast and efficient way. Everyone today knows how to fill out a profile on all networks and just so you can fill out a profile on the Houthbage network and avoid all the costs associated with intermediaries, which are required for other networks. Namely, when the season ends in our country, the planet is just beginning on the south side. Large markets such as South Africa, Australia, Brazil are very interested in Croatia, but the information offered on the search engine is incomplete, confusing and full of intermediaries, especially in tourism (eg Tripadvisor, Expedia, Booking.com and Hotels.com) which hinder client contact and service providers. What is the advantage of Houthbage? These days, a new social network or search engine has started working in one – Houthbage.com, which is an excellent platform for all possible business promotions, and wants to have a special impact on the promotion of tourism on a global scale as well as on the extension of the season. Houthbage information about you at your fingertips from your cell phone. Learn more about Houthbage.com HERE Act locally, influence globally. Houthbage, figuratively speaking, wants to become Google for small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have the money or the time for Google and can’t fight the big companies that have leased space on it. It has never been easier to advertise and it has never been easier to find you. Enter your details, publish your ad and become visible to millions of people around the world, in all countries, in 9 different languages ​​(HR, SI, EN, DE, ES, IT, BR, FR, RU) On the Houthbage.com portal, we connect supply and demand in all world languages. This allows customers around the world looking for a particular service or product to find you faster and easier. This ensures the cheapest promotion and penetration into any market. The advantage is that when searching for, for example, a hotel in Split, the Houthbage search engine provides a complete register of hotels with all networks and contacts (e-mail, web, fb, instagram, etc.) and you can immediately view all options and offers (eg rooms , arrangement, prices) at that bidder. Ultimately, filling out a profile, although private, costs nothing and should be tried, and who is interested in developing their business or offer, 120 EUR per year, for direct contact with clients is not much, ie jokingly it turns out 10 EUR or 75 kn is the price of a burger menu in well-known fast food chains. In this way, Houthbage allows you to compare hotels with each other and communicate directly with each of them individually, which gives you the necessary information, discounts and other options from the provider, without paying commissions to large intermediaries and providers.last_img read more